Sunday at the Farmer's Market with Tillamook!

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

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Enjoying life's sweet and simple summer pleasures!

This past Sunday was one for the books because it was jam packed with so many of my summer faves. When late spring hits the Baltimore Farmer's Market & Bazaar starts back up, it's located underneath the Jones Falls Expressway at Holiday & Saratoga, every Sunday from April to late December. The entire underpass lines up with vendors of all kinds selling thee freshest of Maryland fruits, veggies, flowers, dairy items, meats, bread, nick knacks, handmade clothing and much much more. It opens at 7am and runs until 12 noon, and wow is it packed with tons of people from open to close. 

 It was literally elbow to elbow the majority of the time I was there, which was around 11am. The weather was perfect, it was breezy and about 70 degrees which I wish it was every day. I made sure to take some Tillamook Ice Cream Sandwiches with me, they always make any summer activity that much better. I particularly love the Chocolate Mudslide flavor, it's two yummy, baked golden brown cookies, made of butter and brown sugar, then dipped in the best chocolate. centered with rich and creamy ice cream. If you haven't tried them yet I really recommend you do, they're conveinently located in the freezer section of your local Costco. 

 They're delicious from start to end, the cookies are the perfect bite and they go splendidly with the ice-cream. I love that they come 12 to a box and are the perfect size. That way I can fit two in my mini cooler with some ice and drinks, which means I can take them with me anywhere because nothing puts a summer smile on my face like ice-cream. You guys know just how much I love it! Especially when you're shopping.....I was really enjoying strolling through the farmer's market enjoying my Mudslide Ice Cream Sandwich.  There were so many flower stands, ones where you could select the flowers and create your own bouquet. 

Then there were the flower trays and hanging basket stands, and wow were they all full of so many different beautiful colors and blooms. Then came the herbs, there were soon many different kinds and wow did they all look and smell delish. There's nothing like the taste of fresh cilantro in your salad or basil on your pasta. It's always so much better than the dried spices you buy in the store, the taste is so much more vibrant and plain fresh. 

There's nothing like using high quality ingredients, just like Tillamook ..the milk they use for their ice cream is only the best, from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones, no high fructose corn syrup along with extra cream for a rich, smooth creamy texture. You can't beat it in my opinion, it's special just like the fresh local veggies I get from the Farmer's Market. Big juicy red tomatoes and strawberry, fresh snap peas, the list goes on and on. 

For dinner that night I picked up some fresh asparagus, it's great pan seared with a little  butter, onions and a bit of fresh diced garlic. I also got some carrots, onions, fresh bread and mixed greens, potatoes, and apples . All in all I was able to put together a meal unlike any other, a house salad, and chicken breast with roasted veggies, pan seared asparagus, with a strawberry and apple cobbler, over ice-cream with a dollop of whipped cream. Sounds amazing right? Wow was it a great trip, I can't wait for next Sunday so I can do it all again. 

I'll definitely make sure I have more Tillamook Ice Cream Sandwiches, next time I'll try the mint chocolate chip flavor. I bet it's just as amazing as the Mudslide. It makes any summer activity that much sweeter to enjoy. I would love to hear what your favorite summer activities are, please sound off below by leaving a comment. I'm always looking for fun new ideas of things to try, I definitely think we will be going to the beach the end of June but that's as cliche' as it gets when it comes to summer trips, so I'm really looking forward to reading your comments. 

Here's to the start of an amazing summer with Tillamook Ice Cream Sandwiches!!


  1. I'm absolutely in love with your purse ������

  2. You look so pretty in your dress. It's beautiful. I haven't tried the Tillamook brand before. You sure make it sound yummy! The plants are gorgeous at your Farmer's Market. We have a market, open only one day a week and is not nearly the size of this one. Small towns mean everything is smaller!

  3. That's a big box of mud slides! I love your flowering dress! Thanks for posting!

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  5. That ice cream sounds delicious!

  6. I love farmers markets! I haven't been to one in ages! I love the flowers!

  7. I've had yogurt by them before.

  8. I love going to the farmers market near home they have alot and it's all affordable

  9. There's no farmers market near me, but the items there look very stunning.