Getting Matchy-Matchy!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Me & My Noonbug just gettin' a little #matchymatchy! 🎀
I scooped the adorable bows from @emmaandclaireshop on Instagram, she makes the cutest stuff, go check out her shop!! I've been looking all over the Internet for a shop or store that sells matching clothes for fur mama and furbaby but I just can't find one. If you know a spot please let me know. I would love ❤️ to get a matching set of onesie pajamas. Then I could take a great picture of us snuggling in bed, with popcorn, watching a movie. That would be a great picture, and speaking of pictures I did that shot I was telling you guys about and even thought it was 90 degrees and my hair became a yucky mess, she managed to get some amazing pictures. I really had a wonderful and comfortable experience with her, if you ever need some good shots definitely hit her up. Her Instagram account is @viktoriia_petrusha I'm gonna do another one and this time I'll be sure to do it early morning or early evening. I also plan to get a little more dressy. I can't wait to hear what you guys think of the shots. Note I'm not a big makeup person, I wear a little to accentuate my features, but I don't put on a ton to totally cover and change them. Most do the time you'll see em with very little or no makeup, I just feel more comfy that way. I remember once I had a makeup artist do my face and I remember feeling so uncomfortable. It's just not me. As you guys get to know me more, you'll see that I'm as real as they come, being phony is as far from my personality as you can get. 

Ps...This shirt has me looking like a little chubster!! :p


Enough about me, I want to show you guys this yummy little dish I made for dinner last night. It's a chicken curry, and it turned out amazing. It was so easy to make with the most basic of ingredients. The chicken sat on a bed of Mexican rice, then I sided it with celery, fresh sliced carrots, grape tomatoes, avocado, homemade corn salsa, and thin tortilla chips. I'm a big lover of Middle Eastern food, well let's put it this way...I'm a big lover of food in general, so I'm always on the look out for new recipes. I find that there's always an abundance of good one's on Pinterest, as well as plenty of great tutorial videos on YouTube. I think with the right amount of practice anyone can cook an amazing meal. 

I also have a seriously AMAZING Dessert Diva post coming up this Saturday so make sure you stop back. Ive been working on it all week. Unfortunately I can't add video here to blogger for y'all to see, so when I do post it I'll add in the link to My Facebook Page so you will be able to see the full length version. I promise if you'll LOVE IT, especially if you have a wicked sweet tooth like me. 
I have to get going, but before I go I waned to tell you about the 2 HUGE GIVEAWAYS I'm running on Instagram as we speak. You can win one of two iPhone 7's, a Gucci Marmont Bag, or lots of cold hard cash! The two winners get to choose one of several different prize packs each, so just go here to my page to enter (CLICK HERE TO ENTER!)

Well here's to a wonderful week 
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My new JORD watch and a GIVEAWAY!!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


  I got a new watch yesterday that I just have to share with you guys. It's made by a company called JORD, and the watch is literally a piece of art. It's made of all natural wood, and WOW it's a real beauty, even the box it comes in is gorgeous. Since Mother's Day is coming up, and this would be the perfect gift for any mom, today May 2nd 2017 thru 11:59 cst May 28th, 2017 I will be running a giveaway. One precious follower will win a $100 credit towards a JORD Wood Watch. Every entrant that doesn't win will receive a $25 off coupon code, so everyone is a winner with this giveaway.

JORD is running a free engraving promotion through May 14th, that way you can personalize the watch with Mom's name, and as long as you order by May 10th you're guaranteed to get it by Mother's Day. Like I said the perfect gift for MOM!! This is definitely a watch that will drum up conversation, and get you many comments because it's like no other. JORD Watches truly are unique, this is why I just had to get one for myself. My particular watch is the Fieldcrest Zebrawood, but they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, for both women and men. Go check out the JORD WEBSITE, and see what style is for you!!

Here are a few of my favorites!!

*First up is the Frankie Series /Purpleheart & Plum, it's for sure the watch I'll definitely be getting next! I absolutely love the color and the thin clean face, for me it's less is more.

*Next up is the Cora Series/Zebrawood & Rose, another beautiful face. I like this one because of the tiny feminine features. Add to that the beautiful peachy hue, and you have a real showstopper!

*Next up is a gorgeous Men's watch that I'm going to be ordering for Rob very soon, it's called the Dover Series/Koa & Black. Talk about a handsome piece! Plus anything that my hubby loves has to be spectacular, because he's super picky, and he told me a few times he is really digging this watch. I guess that was my subtle!
*Last but certainly not least is MY favorite JORD Men's watch, the Sawyer Series/Ebony & Ultramarine. I love the black colored wood and stunning baby blue face, this would be the watch I would pick for Rob.

No matter what way you look at it JORD is an excellent choice, not to mention that all of their watches come with a 1YR WARRANTY. They're truly a quality watches and a fantastic and affordable price point...definitely check them out!! I can't wait to start styling this little gem with my summer wardrobe, I'm so excited. I think I'm going to pair it up with my vanilla and brown Micheal Kors crossbody and matching flats, ohhh it's going to look super cute. I promise to post pictures shortly on my Instagram page (@DanaStargazerTruitt). If you're not following make sure you do and turn on the notifications so you get all of my updates. Nunah's birthday party pictures and videos will be up soon, and I'm gonna have an amazing Dessert Diva post and recipe for you guys this Saturday so stop back!

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