My Star Wars Obsession

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Star Wars & Pancakes!!

 I don't think I've ever shared my love of Star Wars with you guys...hmmm I guess there's no time like the present. With the new movie coming out I decided to turn our first snow day into a Star Wars Movie Day!! I wanted to think of something fun, interesting and yummy, so I went all out and created a Star Wars themed pancake bar with all the trimmings, I even found some themed pancakes at the grocery store. I wrapped the table top in a fun holiday themed paper that I found at the toy store. I just used regular wrapping paper and covered the top then tucked the edges up under the edges. It looked so much better than any ole' table cloth, and it gave a bright and colorful look to the whole look. From there I took several small condiment bowls, and filled them with lots of different toppings and garnishes like fresh fruit, nutella, chocolate chips, and marshmallows. I like to use the fresh fruit more than anything because its so yummy, colorful and healthy.
As you can see the colorful appeal of the toppings looks fantastic atop of the theme paper.

 Since it was a pancake bar I decided to go with the breakfast theme and make some strawberry orange juices, I also added in a bowl of donuts, crunchy peanut butter, pancake syrup, and sprinkles. Then because it was a movie day, I added in couple of (overflowing with popcorn) movie theater popcorn boxes, the ones with the red and white stripes. When I see those the first thing I think of is the movie theater. I also scattered popcorn all over the table to tie the movie theme in and give it a cohesive look. To top it off and finish the look, I added some of the cutest Star Wars figurines here and there on the table. I added in a plate of fried eggs and turkey bacon, to go with the pancakes and OJ. All in all I have to say I'm pretty pleased with the final results, let's just say I accomplished the idea of something fun and!!

Look at these pancakes...the cutest ever right? They have six different faces of the characters from the movies, I couldn't of found anything better or more fitting for my little idea. You ever get a crazy idea that you just have to follow through on?!! Let's just say that by the end of the day we where more than pumped and ready to see the new movie. Did you see it yet?? I won't put out any spoilers, I'll just say it's amazing!! If you're a Star Wars family like we are you're gonna LOVE IT!!

I hope you guys enjoyed my little craziness as much as Rob did, it was fun and like I said something different. I'm just realizing Christmas is almost here...Wow this year went by so so fast! I'm so excited about spending time with my family, and the possibilities of a whole new year of new experiences. I'm also super eager to go to New York Fashion Week in February, especially since it will be cold weather. I love cold weather because of the fashion, nothing is better than a cuddly and warm North Face fleece, a cute pair of skinny jeans and over the knee boots. Now that's a killer look in my opinion, and it's comfortable. As you can see in the images below I was outside enjoying the tiny bit of snow we did get in the same exact style. I'm excited for more snow because I love sitting by the fire with a cup of hot cocoa, snuggling up with cute little Piper. There's nothing better, and that's a kind of cozy you just can't get when it's 80 degrees I right? 
I have to admit though, I will always enjoy my ice cream...cold or!! Piper even got in on the first snow fun with me, but for her it was a first snow in two ways...or as they say the last first. She has never experienced snow before, I'm so glad she loves it as much as her Mama. She stayed nice and warm in her cute little coat as she frolicked around sniffing and exploring. With her crazy curiosity I can see I'm in for it, you guys have a wonderful week and stay warm!!
Also Have a Very Happy Holiday & New Year Everyone

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Christmas Vibes!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Christmas is in the Air

We want to Valley View Farms in Hunt Valley MD, they always have the most amazing Christmas tree displays. It's like a little Christmas Wonderland, with around 50 plus differently decorated Christmas trees of all kinds. They have all of the coolest train sets up with the most detailed little cities and moving extras. We took Piper with us so she could see all the neat stuff, and boy did she react in such a cool way. She sniffed and tried to chew everything she saw, I could see the look of amazement in her cute little face. 

There were several little decorated trees that I really loved, they have an Emoji tree with the cutest little emojis including a pink poop emoji. I posted a video below that includes Piper's oh-so-cute reaction. As she's getting older I'm taking her more and more places. I plan to take her to the zoo this coming summer, it was so much fun to do with Nunah that I definitely can't wait to take Piper. 

I wish I could show you every video I have, if you keep an eye out on Instagram you'll see more of the videos in my stories. I walked around for over an hour looking at everything and you know I had to grab a few cute items. I also got a new Keurig Coffee Maker this week, I can't wait to use it for a week or so to find out just how amazing it is. Ya'll know how much I love hot chocolate which it makes in a flash, I would have to say I'm officially hooked. Then all things aligned and it snowed yesterday not 30 minutes after I opened the box, if that isn't fate I don't know what!! Well I'm gonna get back to my big ole' cup of hot chocolate. 

I'll have some super fun DIY holiday fun, food, and fashion posts coming up very soon both here on the blog and my Instagram page. I almost forgot to tell you guys, Piper has her own page now so please drop by and follow @PiperThePin , we'll both be doing plenty of holiday giveaways this week and next. 
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WooHoo...New Year's Eve Outfit & Plans!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

"New Year's Eve Outfit & Plans!!"

I scored the cutest outfit for New Year's Eve from Macy's for under $1oo. It's a super cute sequin shirt dress that I plan to wear some black leggings and a black spaghetti strap tank with. I paired it with the flats in this shot, but I think it will look better with a pair of above the knee boots. I think it would look better with the boots, especially since it's a roaring twenties theme. What do you think....flats or boots? Have you made your New Year's Eve plans yet? If not now's the time, because Rob and I scored a pair of tickets to: The Charm City Countdown featuring: Chicago at the BWI Hilton. It's gonna be such a good time, the tickets are all inclusive so there's an open bar all night, a dinner buffet, there's a champagne toast at midnight, along with 10 party zones, and 12 bands, not to melon much much more. You guys should definitely join us, for more info or to order yourself some tickets just got to 
At checkout make sure you add the discount code: STARGAZER and get $5 off your ticket!
If you have any questions feel free to ask away, or contact them via DM by way of Instagram @CharmCityCountdown 
It's going to be the best of the best when it comes to New Year's Eve parties, they have one every year, and each time it just get's better and better. 

I'm super eager to hear what you're going to be wearing for New Year's Eve, and where you're going? I really wanted to buy a full on flapper dress to wear since the theme is the roaring 20's (so much fun) but I don't think I can get Rob to wear a matching look, so I just went with super sparkly. You can't go wrong with sequins for! I've talked to a bunch of my friends that went to the Charm City Countdown last year and I've got nothing but great feedback, which is why I'm so excited to go.

Watch the preview!!


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Our Baltimore Inner Harbor Shoot!!!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Our 1st Shoot Together!

Piper did her first shoot with me this week, and I have to say my little cutie is a natural. She did so well despite the fact that it was her first time around so many people. She has a star quality that just attracts people to us, every other person asks how old she is, how much she weighs, how much she will weight, and what kind of a dog she is. Then comes what is her name and does she!! She's so darn tiny and cute that people just can't help themselves, and I have to say if the shoe was on the other foot and she were someone else's dog, I would probably do the same. Everyone assumes she is a chihuahua, I guess because of her size because see she looks nothing like a Chi. Either way I'm so happy about my decision to get Piper after loosing Nunah, only because I was so super sad. I felt like I had this huge hole that nothing could fill, and it was so weird without her. Piper definitely doesn't replace Nunah nothing ever will, but she sure helps a heck of a lot. Piper brings joy back into my home and life, I thank goodness for her every day. We went to the Baltimore Inner Harbor for the pictures, it's a beautiful and quite busy spot. Now note the most walking on a leash that Piper had done up to this point was for a minute or two on our street, so I was very proud of her when she walked so good for a couple hours. Just like a baby, she's so curious and gets into everything, it's so funny and adorable.

When we placed her on the Merry-Go-Round she was all over back and forth, she just can't be still for a second, so I can't wait until she get's the hang of posing like Nunah did. We are taking Piper in on the 8th to have her ears cropped and get her microchip, she's gonna look even cuter with cropped ears. I just hate the fact that she will have to wear the cone of shame for 2 weeks, something tells me she's gonna hate it even more because she hates anything on her. It's a fight just to get her little harness on, not to mention how she chews the heck out of the tag on her collar. I cant imagine that silly thing around her neck. Thank goodness I found one of the best in my area, she's been cropping for over 40yrs. That makes me feel a little better, but I'm still going to worry like heck.

Regardless of her craziness and inability to concentrate she did remarkably well, as did the quite amazing gal who shot our pics. You definitely have to look for these pictures on my Instagram page to get her info, she's running a giveaway for a free photo session. She's super sweet and helpful, not to mention great with a camera. In the image I'm wearing a fantastic top from White House Black Market, I got it for under $60 during the Black Friday Sales. I wore it with a cute pair of American Eagle Outfitters destroyed denim jeggings, and a pair of black Guess riding boots. Then I finished it  off with my white Kate Spade Saddle Bag, nothing crazy just the cute comfy style I love so much. If you look closely at the image you'l see the oh-so-cute ear muffs I got for $20 from Kate Spade on Black Friday as well. Kate Spade is one of my all time favorite spots to shop, especially when there's a HUGE!

Aren't they adorable??
I can't wait for weather cold enough to wear! The inner ear part is nice and furry, and the ouster side and edges are super soft due to the sweater material they're made out of. I think they'll go perfectly with my black trench, I also have a great black card sweater that looks like it was made for these. I love it when I buy stuff and find that when I get home it coincidentally matches some other thins in my closet. It doesn't happen all the time, but you know what I mean about that awesome feeling of accomplishment you get when it! Plus look at the cute little kitty face details, it doesn't get any better than that. All in all the it was a really good day, Piper and I made a cool and talented new friend. I can't wait to hear what you guys think of the pictures, also keep and eye out, I have some great new posts and giveaways coming up here and on Instagram.
Speaking of giveaways I have a great one for you guys NOW!!

Have a Marvelous Monday

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