It's Officially Summer!!

Friday, June 23, 2017

 My Summer Yard Makeover!!

Since the last images I showed you guys of my flower garden back in early spring, the deer completely cleaned me out. All of the buds on my many stargazer lilies are gone, which means I won't get a single bloom out of any of them this year. This upset me so much, because it makes the second time they've done this to me, so I decided to buy a product called Deer Stop. so far it has worked amazing, and I'm so glad because we decided to revamp the yard with new flowers and trees. We found some trees on sale, so we got 3 flowering pear trees, and 3 dogwood trees. I was looking for something that didn't get to huge, and bloomed in the spring. The flowering pear also has the cute little berries on it that give off a sweet fragrance. We planted them in a line along the edge of our back yard to add a little privacy.

I figure once they get a little bigger they'll throw off the perfect amount of shade and privacy that is needed for the the patio were building back by the shed. We're adding a table and umbrella with some nice chairs, and a fire pit. We have a huge back yard and we felt like it was tie to finally start to utilize it. We plan to build a brick paver platform to sit everything atop of. To brighten up the area and make it warm and cozy we lined the whole are with orange hibiscus plants. Wow are they gorgeous, and aside from Stargazer Lilies they're a favorite of mine. The colors are like a fire, they are a and electric pink in the very center, then a bright red, and fade into orange, and then yellow on the outer edges. It's an absolutely gorgeous transition of colors, G@d is a true artist. 

We also picked up some magnolias to make the mulch beds around the trees in the front yard pop. We got a bright orange/yellow color so it would match the hibiscus. Which we also added two of in the front yard flower garden as well.

It was looking a bit bear after the dear ate everything. I got smart and bought a product to keep them away so they wouldn't eat up all of my new flowers. Fingers crossed far so good!! It's called Deer Stop, and all you do is spray the barrier of your flower beds, and it keeps them away with a scent that triggers their flight response. It had a sell when I sprayed it but when it dried the smell disappeared just like the bottle said. I'm glad to say that I don't see the deer in groups of four eating up my flowers in the early hours of the morning on my security cameras. 
Up until a week ago all of my rose bushes were bare on the front side and only the roses that were up against the wall of my house remained, because they couldn't reach. I'm so glad it worked because this means next year I'll get my blooms out of my stargazer lilies...woo hoo!! 

Now you know my gardening gloves had to be!      
Here's a couple pictures of how we lined the shed with the hibiscus plants. There was a gap under the shed that was unsightly that we wanted to hide, and warm the area up at the same time. As you can see it's just not to attractive to the eye, so check out the bottom picture of after, and tell me what you think. I really like the way it turned out, we also added a trash can barrier to the backside of the shed, to hide the cans from view. We are only half finished with that project, so I'll definitely update you guys when it's finished. Same with the patio and deck, which I'm super excited about.
I can't wait to have a spot to chill, have a cup of coffee and do my work in the morning and afternoons to enjoy the outside and beautiful summer weather. We plan to add in some bluetooth speakers that look like rocks so I can listen to some tunes if I want. I'm so happy about the possibilities and even happier that Rob is super handy and can do all of the things we dream about, you know make them a reality. If it was something we had to pay a contractor to do, it would be way to expensive, therefore it would never happen. Most of the stuff we do together as a team, so that makes it even more 
awesome that we did it ourselves, it looks fantastic, and we saved a ton of money.  I even have a great little spot for my Noonbug all planned out. If you've completed a recent home project, I'd love to hear all about it. I'm always on the hunt for cool new ideas. 
Here's to a wonderful weekend everyone!!

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Happy Sunday Hons!!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Hon Fest 2017 A Little On The Sweet Side!!

Happy Sunday Hon!
Today I have a fantastic review and some super colorful pictures to share. Yesterday Rob and I went to the Hon Fest, which is a great little festival held in Hamden of Baltimore City MD. Everyone dresses up in a Bawlmer style that is unique and unlike any other, as you will see in the pictures. All of the ladies wear their hair high in a bouffant style, or they wear big rollers in their hair, some even had Marge Simpson like wigs that were super high and decorated with birds, flowers, and all types of other interesting trinkets  The coolest was the woman below, she had on the wildest costume of the evening. It was a fat suite all dolled up to match the theme perfect, she even stood in a stance to give it the perfect cartoon feel, it was awesome. 


I saw one family that was all dressed to match and it was so cute. Mom had on a Maryland flag dress, and matching purse, with a yellow boa, then Dad and Son each had on a white button down top, with red shorts, yellow suspenders, and Maryland bow ties to match. Their cute little long haired chi also matched, with an adorable little black and yellow harness. I'd have to say it was absolutely one of my favorite costumes of the day, out of all the different crazy looks I saw. Rob even stopped and took a picture with a couple'a hons to get into the spirit, wow was it hilarious. He's such a good sport, I even saw one guy walking around with a huge snake draped over his shoulders. I never got a chance to ask what kind of snake it was but wow!! It was the size of swimming noodle,you know the ones that you use as a floaty in the pool. I couldn't imagine the weight and the warmth, it was so bright and sunny at about 90 degrees, so I'm guessing it wasn't to comfy to carry that big boy around.

To beat the heat Rob and myself each got tall strawberry banana daiquiris, they were perfect for the crazy heat. There were also so many things to eat, but with it being so hot I just wasn't in the mood to stuff my face even thought there were so many yummy choices. Remember the breakfast spot called Cafe Hon I was telling you guys about a month or so back, that is the center of all this awesomeness, and definitely the place I would have stopped to eat in had I been in the mood. I go there for breakfast on the weekends, they have this amazing southwest grits platter that will blow you away. (Keep an eye out I'll be doing a review post on this resturant soon) For the most part we just schemed around, looking at all the cool little stands, and chachkies, sipping on our daiquiris.

I got smart and wore my big floppy hat to keep myself shaded and cool, along with my new VS Pink tee that has the v-cut laced opening in back, this keeps me cool, along with the matching sheer capri leggings. They're super thin and really cool so they were perfect. I'm one of those people that can not take the hot weather, I get overheated very easily. Since I knew it would be so hot I avoided any makeup except eyeliner. As we made our way further thru all of the stands of cool Baltimore themed trinkets, food, and many different types of people in costumes of all kinds, I came to one of my favorite places to get Macaron cookies. It's called Sweet Side Cafe, and it's a fantastic little spot not only do they have every sweet treat you can think of, they also have an ice cream bar where you can create your own custom sundae. If your not in the mood for sweets, they also have a menu of great stuff for breakfast and lunch, along with coffee and tea. There's a section out front with wifi and cute little tables, where you can sit down to eat, chat, or both. It's the perfect spot to chill and hang out with friends and family, or just sit down with your laptop and get some work done while you sip and chew. Now I've searched all of Baltimore for a good spot that sells Macaron cookies, and cute ones at that. I have seen pictures of the coolest decorated macs online, but I just couldn't seem to find them in my area, until I found the Sweet Side that is. I picked up some decorated like unicorns, and others that look just like little cheeseburgers. They're so adorable, and not to mention absolutely delicious. Now you guys know sweets are my thing, so if I tell you about a spot it's for sure a good one, and I'm definitely recommending Sweet Side Cafe!! It's located at: 3543 Chestnut Ave, in Baltimore MD, go check them out you won't regret it. 

The Festival is still going in until 11pm tonight (Sunday June 11th 2017) there's live music, food, and lots of fun stuff planned for the main stage location, in the center of the festival. All of this is taking place on 36th Street, the heart of Hamden, in Baltimore City. We saw Rob Fahey and the Pieces, and they're always a treat. I love going to see local Baltimore bands! We're heading over to Pier 6 Pavilion tonight to see Bryan Adams, so that should be fun, I love his music, man does he have a lot of hits. We went to see him in DC last year, what a great show that was. As you come to know me more, you'll see that Rob and I go to a lot of concerts, it's one of out favorite things to do. Anyway make sure you head out to Hon Fest 2017 and have some fun, but make sure to dress cool because it's smokin' hot out today. 

Have a wonderful week and let us know below what your favorite yearly festival is to attend in your local area? We'd love to know!!

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