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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Recharge With Wellnesste

I’m so excited about finally getting this post finished because it’s been one of the cooler trips I have went on in quite a bit, if you follow me on Instagram then you already know we went to Central New York. Why you ask? We found the most amazing little spot called Wellnesste, it’s the true cabin experience. Mind you the day we arrived there was already several inches of snow on the ground, then that evening a huge blizzard started and continued all day the next day. I remember saying I sure hope it snows so it’s super cozy and nice…..ha ha…be careful what you wish for. Seriously though the snow made it that much more amazing. The entire property was snow covered and absolutely beautiful. The Wellnesste Lodge’s 5 rentable cabins that are set back in privacy on 60 acres of land, it’s covered with animals, beautiful trees, trails, rivers, creeks, ponds and streams. 

The cabin we stayed in was called Wilson’s Cabin and boy was it comfy, homey and clean. It included all of the comforts of home like a fully stocked kitchen (all you need to do is bring the food), a full bathroom with a hot shower, comfy beds, books, games and much much more. If you’re like me and can’t live without your connections don’t stress, wifi is available and there are tons of plugs in the cabins so you can bring a radio or a small TV and some DVD’s. There was a wood burning stove in our cabin and plenty of wood right on sight. We kept ours burning the entire time so it was super warm and cozy, Piper loved it too because she posted up right in front of the fire the whole time we were there. Yes Piper went with us, I’m so pleased to say that Wellnesste is 100% pet friendly. She’s a member of the family so she goes with us everywhere, and wow did she really love running and playing in the snow. We honestly had no idea she loved it so much because we have never gotten more than an inch or two at home in her 1.3 yrs of life. 

Once we got to the cabin and settled in we headed right back out to grab a quick bite to eat and go to the grocery store because a blizzard of epic proportions was set to start that night at 10pm and we did’t want to get snowed in with no food. They were talking about white out conditions, and that’s something we didn’t want to be out and about driving around in the next day. The cabins are set back on a driveway way off the road and then down a hill, needless to say not the best drive to do on ice and snow. After we got back from the store we put everything away, started a fire and settled in for the night, and boy did we sleep good. It was an 8hr drive because of the weather and we were exhausted, I was also looking forward to the morning so I could explore the property with my camera. I would say we woke up at about 7-7:30 to thee most insane snow I have ever seen, at some points in the day there was no visibility due to the snow and wind. The word white out was thee perfect description, mind you they called for 70mph wins with the snow and 19 degree weather. Once the sun was fully awake and showered I cooked us a big breakfast, then bundled up and set out to get great shots of the area, my first choice was the tree house cabin. It wasn’t far off from our cabin, just across the property snuggled back into the woods..It was so beautiful capped with snow and tucked in the tall trees, next to a stream with the snow falling from the sky…wow was all I could say. We definitely have to go back in the spring or summer, I can only imagine how green and lush it is then.

By the time the snow stopped falling the next day there was over a foot on the ground, so we decided to stay on the property and schmy around in the cabin until the next morning, That’s the good thing about Wellnesste, it’s thee best place to recharge and take a break from all the craziness of everyday life. Once the roads were clear we headed out into the surrounding area to explore all the yummy choices she had to offer. Of course you know I hunted down some local ice-cream…we also went to the Turning Stone Casino where there was a great restaurant called Wildflowers. It was about 35-45 minutes away from the cabin and so so worth the drive, the food was amazing. For an appetizer we ordered the hummus plate with slices of what looked and tasted like tasted pita, wow was it good. It had artichoke hearts, olives, feta, roasted red peppers and onions piled high onto of the hummus. For the main course I got the short rib and Rob ordered the chicken, again both were phenomenal, as well as the apple martini I ordered. Definitely the best dinner we had while we had the whole trip, now for breakfast we went to a place called Slims which was great as well. I love how it was only $15 for both of us to eat a huge meal, and the corned beef hash was very good. 

(Hummus App)

 (Short Rib at Wildflowers)

(Corned Beef Hash Breakfast at Slims)

After breakfast we checked out a great little local ice-cream spot called Mercer’s, they have wine infused ice-cream that I was more than eager to try. Who would have thought that wine and ice-cream tasted so darn good together?  They had favors like Cherry Merlot, Chocolate Cabernet, Peach White Zinfandel, Red Raspberry Chardonnay and more….like the Sparkling Strawberry made with Champagne which was ohhhhh so good. It doesn’t stop there, Mercer’s has tons of regular ice cream flavors as well as soft serve. I tried some of their vanilla soft serve and wow was it thick, rich and creamy. Happily I found out they sell their ice-cream all over the world with a couple locations in my area, I know where I’m going…lol! Just as we were leaving Mercer’s to head back to the cabin it started snowing again and really heavy, we had plans for dinner that night but decided to head to the grocery store instead and grab some stuff to make a big dinner at the cabin. I have to say thank goodness for the Mazda CX-3 that we drove to New York because we hit such a huge array of nasty weather and she plowed right through it like a champ. I definitely have a different opinion of all wheel drive now. See as most of you know Rob and I are currently car shopping because we plan to buy in about 6 months, this is why we tested the Mazda out for a week to see how it would handle. Not once did we slip in the snow, she may look a mess in the shot but wow did the CX-3 hold it's own. It's on the short list of serious contenders. Quick question that may help us out, what kind of car do you drive and would you recommend it? Let me know below because I really need some help, it's a big buy and will also be my first new car so as I'm sure you can figure I'm really stressed out about making the right choice.

(The Mazda CX-3 2019)

We didn’t want to drive in the yucky conditions at night, plus we had a couple of good movies so we just stayed in. It’s was definitely the coolest vibes….all cozy in the cabin with the snow falling and surrounding us outside, the fire burning while we at a great dinner and laughed at the movies. It’s an experience that I will more than try to recreate and know you guys will LOVE!! We were set to start heading home the next morning and were worried we may get snowed in, but that’s one thing I can say for central New York, they’re on top of their roads in the winter. the next day they were all clear for us to drive home. 

(Mercer's Vanilla Soft Serve Waffle Cone)

All in all we had a great 5 days at Wellnesste…we really loved how helpful and welcoming the staff was, they really know how to make you feel at home. We plan to come back in the warmer months when we can do more exploring of the trails and streams. There is so much to do in the general area, there’s also a book in the cabin that shows you all the good places for fun, restaurants, and museums, along with all the info you need to call or find your way there. You guys have to check out Wellnesste, there are so many amazing possibilities waiting for you in Central New York!!For more info check out their website www.wellnesste.com or follow them on Instagram @wellnesste. If you have any questions about Wellnesste feel free to sound off below or shoot me a DM on Instagram @DanaStargazerTruitt, also keep an eye on Instagram for more pictures on my feed.

(Tree House Cabin at Wellnesste)

 Luv you guys tons and have a wonderful week!
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