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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

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Thanks so much for following and Good Luck 🍀 everyone!!
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Dallas, Texas Ice cream Tour 2022!!

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Dallas Ice Cream Tour!

I know it’s been a while since my last post, I’ve been so swamped with work and basic every day craziness. I also had some issues with my blog and signing on. Either way I’m super happy to say yah girl is back. I’ve been doing a ton of traveling for ice cream as usual, which I’m excited to share with you. I’ll start off with my most recent trip to Dallas, Texas, which we spent most of hanging out with my good friend Eve of @TheStyleAndFitnessWithEve, and exploring for ice cream. Whilst I didn’t find many new freakshake spots, I did discover some regular favorites with locations in the area. I also found some new spots with delish sundaes and cones. First let’s talk about the beautiful hotel we stayed at called The Lorenzo Hotel. Wow talk about a wonderful place to stay. It’s called an artful hotel, which is filled with colorful art and striking details all throughout. If I tried I couldn’t find a hotel that matches my personality more. We had so much fun checking it out, it’s like a little art gallery.

From the moment you walk into the lobby you are immersed  
in color. The entire hotel is covered in art, both inside and out. We stayed in the Tina Turner suite, which was yes you guessed it, decked out in Tina Turner vibes all throughout. There’s also some fun history with Tina Turner and this hotel, she once stayed there before the building became The Lorenzo. Pretty cool tidbit of info isn’t it? Now getting back to our amazing room, I want to mention the colorful headboard, comfy bed and adorable living room area, surrounded by huge windows. Which we really enjoyed watching the sunset and sunrise from. You also get a look at downtown Dallas, which I might add is pretty beautiful. 

(View from our room at Lorenzo Hotel)

Some of the amenities include a 24 hour gym, a swimming pool equipped with cabanas, plenty of colorful seating, and sun chairs. Not to forget the two on site restaurants, one being a restaurant/bar down in the lobby (The Lorenzo Kitchen), along with a cute little taco stand in the front, across from the entrance (Taco Enzo). I only got a chance to eat at the spot inside, wow was the chicken tortilla soup good. We also decided to give the room service a try, hence one of my evening cravings for sweets…. plus a little champagne. I can’t tell you what a delicious treat that was. 

                (Lorenzo Hotel)

The Lorenzo was an amazing choice for our stay, to this day I’m so glad we found it. Now let’s talk about the amazing desserts and foods we stuffed our faces with while in Dallas. After all that was the whole point of our trip!!! A couple weeks before going I decided it was time to go somewhere, and boy am I glad I did. Along with The Lorenzo, this entire trip was one, out of the park experience, after another. Let’s start off with The XOXO Dining Room, a pink themed brunch spot. Once we arrived in Dallas, checked in and got settled a bit, we showered and headed right back out to meet my friend Eve, for a late Sunday brunch. This restaurant was insane, not only was in pink inside and out. It was also loaded with all kinds of fun spots for pictures. Because it was the eve of Valentine’s Day, we got the Valentine’s Day Brunch. It consisted of an entrée for each person, a mimosa, and lastly a tray of treats for the table. The price point was per person, available for tables/groups only. Of everything we ordered I really enjoyed the chicken and waffles, which just happened to be pink. So cute! I also ordered a cotton candy cocktail, as well as trying some of Eve’s pink drink. The drinks were really good, so much so that we ordered more rounds. Hey I was on vacation …lol!

(Next 4 - XOXO Dining Room)

After brunch we went back to The Lorenzo, and settled in for the night. On day two we got up early and discovered a great little breakfast spot called All Good Café, in Deep Ellum. It looks like a little hole in the wall, but man was the food good. We ate there every morning but one, just to give you an idea. After breakfast we checked out the area around the restaurant, it’s full of so many stunning murals. We got a bunch of fabulous and super colorful fashion shots.

(Mural by pool at Lorenzo Hotel)

   (Next 2 - Murals in Deep Ellum area) 

As you can see there was one to match every cute outfit or bag for that matter. After shooting for a few hours we went back to the hotel to meet up with Eve, then head off for some sweet treats. The first spot we hit up in Dallas was called Zero Gradi, an authentic Italian pastry shop that blew my mind. The cream filled croissants, coffee and gelato are phenomenal! They also have a sister restaurant located next store called 400 Gradi, which we stopped into for a very late lunch. It’s nothing but legit amazing and authentic Italian food. After we filled our bellies we stopped into Aqua S to get some soft serve. I tried the red velvet and sea salt swirl, with some caramel popcorn. Rob got the same, but he chose a roasted marshmallow as his garnish.

                                                                          (400 Gradi)

It was such a unique and delicious flavor. I’m also excited to find that they have a location in Virginia Beach, which means I’ll definitely be stopping in when we’re there in a few months. Our next ice cream stop was one of my favorites, it’s called The Yard Milkshake Bar. When I found out they had a Dallas location I made it a point to stop in. Each location has shakes on the menu that are specific to that area, along with a secret menu, which I was more than excited to try. 
Check out how colorful and amazing looking, they always have beautiful shakes. They too have a location in Virginia Beach, along with many others all over the US.

We spent a couple hours shooting shakes and talking, then we went to grab an early dinner and head back to The Lorenzo for the night. We were a bit exhausted and needed some rest. Over the next three days we hit up so many great spots. The Mallow Box, Amorino Gelato, Somi Somi, Snow City, & Cow Tipping Creamery. We also stopped into The Sugar Factory for lunch, where we got their Valentine’s Day shake. Each and every spot we had the pleasure of stopping into was beyond fantastic. On my Instagram I'll be doing a review of each spot and the treat or treats we tried there, in my coming Saturday, Dessert Diva posts. So keep an eye out. Lastly if you would like to see video content of each item, then check out and follow my Pinterest or TikTok. The content on each platform is different, so they are all worth following.  

                                                                (Mallow Box)

                                                              (Mallow Box)

I have to say our Dallas trip was fabulous, and wow it’s a great city for color, fun and ice cream. I probably gained 10lbs, but we had fun which was worth all the calories. One thing I’m so sad to say is I found out a spot I have been stalking on Instagram, for over a couple years, opened up a Dallas location a couple months before my trip, so I didn’t know it existed. I’ve been wanting to go FOREVER!!. When I got home I realized I missed it which really ticked me off, because the only locations I’ve known them to have are in California. Now that I know they have a new location in Detroit as well, I definitely plan to travel there so I can go. It’s called House of Chimney Cakes, and wow are they beautiful. I’ll also be going to Amsterdam, Paris, and London in May. Best believe I have an insane list of places I plan to visit. If you've been and know and great spots, please comment with them below. I’ll definitely be putting together a huge post for that trip. But before that, I’ll be sharing part 2 of my Disney World trip. Now that I’m back online blog wise, and I have tons of content to share.
So keep an eye out!

(Art display in The Lorenzo Hotel)

Luv you guys tons ❤️
Don’t forget to follow me on my other channels 
for different content.

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Our Disney World Trip/Epcot’s Flower Festival

Friday, June 25, 2021

Epcot’s Flower & Garden Festival

Our trip to Walt Disney World was beyond fun, during the 6 days we were there we visited four parks. On day one we settled in and checked out Disney Springs, on day two we went to Epcot for the Flower & Garden Festival, then day three we checked out the Magic Kingdom, day four we went to Hollywood Studios and day five we went to Animal Kingdom, as well as more of Disney Springs while we did some shopping and dining, then finally on day six we ended up back at Disney Springs to meet family for dinner and do a little more shopping. As not to make the post absurdly long, I’ll be breaking the trip up into 5 posts. One for each park, then a last one for all the amazing Mickey shaped food and sweets I found. Trust me when I tell you, Disney World isn’t just for kids. They have so many fun activities for people of all ages. The last time I was at Disney World I was around 12 years old, so as I’m sure you can imagine it was a whole different park. We touched down in Florida around 10am, so by the time we took the Magical Express from the airport to Disney, and got settled in at the “Art of Animation” resort, it was about 11:30am. Thank goodness for the online check in process, it’s super easy, not to mention it makes the process quick and convenient. Let me tell you what a fun place to be, out of the 25 resorts on the Disney property, ours seemed to be the coolest family resort. It also has the largest swimming pool of all the resorts, along with tons of fun decor themed around the Disney classics: The Lion King, Finding Nemo, Cars, and The Little Mermaid. Our family suite in particular was so much fun, all of the furniture was Lion King themed. There were two bathrooms and two beds, a living room area and kitchenette with a microwave and fridge. There was literally everything one would need, and more than enough room for a good sized family. 

There is a restaurant on the grounds of the resort where you can order some food like burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches. To do anything on the Disney property like go into a park, order food, or make reservations to eat, you will need the Disney Experience App. It enabled us to do everything and social distance at the same time, so our trip touch and worry free. One thing I can say is Disney was on point with all COVID guidelines, so we felt very comfortable and safe. 
Once we unpacked, showered and changed, we headed right back out to explore. By that time we were both hungry so we decided to take the bus to Disney Springs and get lunch. There are two ways to get around on the Disney property and they are the bus or the skyliner. Luckily both stopped at our resort, and they run from 7:30 to 8am all day until 10 or 11pm, depending upon the day. They are also free, so you can ride on them back and forth all day long. 
After eating lunch, doing tons of window shopping, and making our way back to the hotel for a nap, we headed back to Disney Springs to meet my friend Julie for dinner. She is a Disney blogger (@TheDisneyDinks) that used to live in Baltimore, her and the hubby recently moved to Orlando Florida, about 30 minuted from Disney. We all met up at a spot called Raglan Road Irish Pub, where we had some relish food and drinks, while Julie gave us some fantastic recommendations on food and fun where the parks are concerned, because she knows them inside and out. For our meals I ordered the baked chicken, Rob as always ordered the fish and chips, and Julie a turkey sandwich, paired with some great cocktails we had a great time. There's nothing better then great company, conversation, and food, I was sad we had to go. 

We took the bus back to the hotel, once we got in the door I think after 10 minutes we were in bed and sound asleep. It had been a super long day and at 8am the next morning we were were set to head off to Epcot and see the Flower & Garden Festival. You guys know about me being a floral designer, and how much I love flowers, so needless to say I was more than excited. I would say we arrived at Epcot around 8:30am, had breakfast there shortly after and headed off to see the amazingness Epcot had for us. The first thing I noticed and loved was all of the gorgeous topiaries all over the park. My favorites where the Winnie The Pooh characters, along with Kermit and Miss Piggy. We also saw Beauty and the Beast, beautiful big butterflies, and so many gorgeous flowers in every different color. There was even a butterfly tent where tons of little butterflies of all kinds were fluttering around, wow are they beautiful. 

Epcot is set up like different countries and in each area are different food and drinks, we had lots of fun exploring everything and trying all the available foods. One of my favorites was the pineapple shortcake and the pineapple on a stick, I know the second one sounds odd, but it was really good and refreshing. Especially since it was about 90 degrees, I had no idea just how hot it got in Florida. Not to mention I forgot to put on sunblock, let's just say I was a lobster by the end of the day. For lunch we stopped into a Moroccan spot that Julie recommended, and boy was she right because everything was amazing. It was a yummy chicken and pita meal with some hummus and pomegranate, so far everything we had eaten by this point on the trip was so so good. 

After lunch we ended up getting on a ride called Soarin', Oh.My.Goodness... if you guys go to Epcot make sure you get on this ride. It was so much fun and super realistic, it's like you are literally soaring over all of the most amazing places in the world. They even pay attention to details like smells and breezes in certain places. Wow did that ride blow us away!! 
After hours of walking (22,000 steps ..omg) and eating like crazy, we headed back to the hotel to enjoy some time by the pool before our awesome dinner plans. We went to a spot in Disney Springs called Wine Bar George, can I say what a spot. The food was fantastic and our waitress was super helpful. She gave us a breakdown of the menu and the best recommendations. I ordered the chicken yet again, along with some charcuterie and bruschetta. Not only were the plates beautiful, everything was more than delicious. This was definitely one of our favorite meals of the trip. 

For dessert we splurged and had a little bit of everything. We really loved the wine and chocolate experience, which was 3 different types of wine to enjoy, with 3 different types of chocolate. Wow did that hit the spot and end our second day perfectly. 
Well this is the end of day one, make sure you come back for the second post when we go to Magic Kingdom. I got some beautiful style shots as well to share with you guys. Now the Disney outfits start getting amazing so you don't want to miss out.

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Spring Ice Cream Tour Part B/New York City

Sunday, May 2, 2021

New York City Amazing!!

Ok so let's talk about our stop in New York City, for the next part of this year's Ice Cream Tour. Since we were in the midst of a pandemic flying was not the first choice, so we put our Florida ice-cream tour on the back burner until things get a little more normal, or we get vaccinated. (which at this point I'm happy to say we finally are) Putting everything into perspective we decided to make it a road trip, so this is why we chose New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Now I know New York was part of our last tour, but think about it, New York has always been the hub of amazing eats, no matter how many times I go and how long I stay, I always leave feeling like I wasn't able to even touch on the many amazing places available. That way we would still be able to go to tons of new places, only visiting the favorites a second time. We arrived in New York on a Monday at just after 10am, hoping to avoid the weekend rush. I had no idea that it would be a quarter the normal amount of people. Usually the streets are packed with bustling people, on their way here and there, and the streets jam packed with cars. Not this time, it was definitely a different vibe because of the COVID situation, to be honest I can't say it was horrible because it made it so much easier to get around and see everything. When we arrived we checked into our hotel StayPineapple, it's the only place we stay when we go to New York.

All of the employees are always so welcoming and helpful, not to mention it's super comfy, clean, and pet friendly as heck. They provide dog beds, bows, and pet accommodations as well as human. The hotel also has a colorful and artsy vibe, with a pineapple theme all throughout that will make you smile from ear to ear. It's the one hotel where we feel completely at home whilst away from home. The New York location is on 36th street, which is so convenient and in walking distance of Time Square. It's also in close proximity to so many restaurants, stores, and fun entertainment spots. They also have other locations all over the US. Which is why whenever we are traveling I look to see if there is a Stay Pineapple in the area, because they are literally our first choice. 

Once we unpacked, were rested and showered, we headed out to find a late lunch and scope the general area, which led us to The Sugar Factory. Another fun spot, with amazing freakshakes, and colorful food. They have rainbow sliders and rainbow pancakes, as well as plenty of candy, which is what they are known for. Since we weren't super hungry and planned to eat dinner later, we ordered a turkey club to split, which came sided with fries. Can I say that turkey club was delicious, along with the huge order of fries, it was more than enough for both Rob and I. Once we finished eating our sandwich, we ordered a few freakshakes to shoot and share with you guys. 

The first one is the Princess Make A Wish (the pink one), it's a delicious white chocolate dipped milkshake glass, that has been covered in pink sprinkles. The shake itself is made up of vanilla ice-cream, blended with vanilla sauce and rainbow sprinkles, then it's topped with whipped cream, a marshmallow wheel, a white chocolate Kitkat and a pink frosted cupcake with a birthday candle. The other shake is the Giggles Snickers. It's a chocolate dipped milkshake glass, covered with snickers and pieces of rainbow sprinkles. The shake itself is made up of cookies and cream ice-cream, blended with toasted peanuts, then topped with a caramel waffle, whipped cream, and sprinkles.

Which one would you choose?

In the shot below we have the Cookie Monster Make a Wish. It's a chocolate dipped milkshake glass, covered in chocolate chip cookie chunks. Then the shake itself is made up of cookies and cream ice-cream, blended with vanilla sauce, then topped with whipped cream, a blue glazed donut, chocolate chip cookie and a blue frosting cupcake, with a birthday candle. Aren't they gorgeous? I just love the presentation of The Sugar Factory freakshakes. 

Next up is the Campfire S'mores. It's a dark chocolate dipped milkshake glass, that has been dusted with graham cracker crumbles and covered in Hershey bar chunks. The shake is made up of chocolate and coffee ice-cream, blended with espresso, toasted marshmallow, Virginia Black Wiskey, then topped with a 7 layer S'mores cookie. It's super dramatic and over-the-top like all of their milkshakes, which is what I love about The Sugar Factory. You can get all of their milkshakes with or without alcohol, to make it a Boozy Milkshake!

After we finished eating a shooting it was almost 3pm, so we decided to go back to the room for a couple hours until dinner. I would say it was about 8pm when we decided to head back out for for some amazing food from Thep Thai, one of my favorites. There is such a classy vibe, from all the sleek decor, and matching serving dishes. I also can't forget to include the bar, which is where they make the best cocktails, oh.my.goodness they are more than beautiful by the way. Each one is garnished with a flower, fruit or both, and they are mixed to perfection. Not overly-strop and bitter but refreshing and tasty, theres noting better than a cocktail you can't get enough of. 

Whenever we are in the area we stop in for dinner, and it's always good. The Wonton Soup and Pineapple Fried Rice are divine, the fried rice comes served in a fresh half pineapple, that they hollow and make into a bowl. We also love to order the Chicken Satay, which is very flavorful and tender, it also comes with some amazing peanut sauce. As always the meal was perfect from start to finish, we left very full and happy as we made our way back to the hotel for a good night's sleep. The next morning we woke up pretty early to get a head start on the day, we wanted to shoot a couple style shots with the walls we found. The first was a fun, pink, floral piece, that worked perfectly for the new Adidas, bomber jacket, that I had scored especially for the trip. 

Shop this look here -> "DanaStargazerTruitt"

Once we were finished with the style shoot, we headed to Surreal Creamery, what a cool spot that was. All of the items they put out have a fun and playful twist. They pair all kinds of amazing flavors and treats, like soft serve ice cream and bubble tea. The shot below is (left) Brown Sugar Bubble Tea with Earl Grey Vanilla Soft Serve, garnished with a couple chocolate wafer straws. Then the other one (right) is Taro Bubble tea with a Matcha/Taro Swirl Soft Serve, garnished with a butter wafer cookie. They were both not only beautiful, but amazing flavor-wise.


Then there was the Strawberry/Almond Swirl, garnished with whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles, marshmallows, two butter cookies and teddy graham cookies. Talk about amazing, each one I tasted was better than the other. This is another MUST-TRY spot!! 

They have a few locations in New York, we stopped into the 2nd avenue location which happened to be right up the street from Tipsy Scoop, which is known for their amazing liquor infused frozen treats. Now I have to be honest, I thought the ice-cream would taste bitter like the liquor. but wow I was so so wrong, you literally couldn't tell because it tasted amazing. This is such a cool spot, and they also have more than one location in NYC. They also have sorbets, which were also outta this world delish. Even Rob was eating away and he's not a sweets person like me. He rarely does more than takes a taste, so I was pretty surprised to see he ate almost the whole cup. 

Shop this look here -> "DanaStargazerTruitt"

After we left Tipsy Scoop we started wandering around looking for some lunch. As always there are a million and one places to eat, so we just decided to grab a slice of pizza, then head back to the room and relax for a few. The sky was clear with zero clouds and the temp got up to 75 degrees so needless to say we got some sunburn, mix that with a day of walking and we were exhausted. We spent the rest of the evening in the hotel, aside for coming out for dinner. The next morning started off much like the one before, early morning style shoots, then around 11am we headed to Black Tap to grab and shoot a couple of Crazyshakes. They were a tad messy but delicious as always. 

I ordered two of them, and sadly because of COVID they were not in the usual milkshake glasses, they were being served in the plastic to-go cups. There is the (above) Cookies & Cream Supreme which is an Oreo milkshake, in a chocolate frosted rim covered in crushed Oreos, topped with a cookies and cream ice cream sandwich, crumbled Oreo, lots of whipped cream and a chocolate drizzle. Then there is the (below) Strawberry Shortcake, its a strawberry milkshake in a vanilla frosted rim, covered in crumbled cake. Topped with a strawberry shortcake ice cream bar, a pink and white twisty pop (or in my case pink rock candy), tons of whipped cream, strawberry drizzle, crumbled cake and a cherry on top.

Needless to say I made a serious mess on the sidewalk with the strawberry one, but oh well it was more than worth it, because as always the milkshake itself was just fantastic. After we left Black Tap and started heading back to the hotel, but along the way we stopped into Milk & Cream Cereal Bar which is one of my faves. They are always doing a fun collab of some kind, last year they were doing something with Care Bears. Wow were they some cute sundaes. What they are known for is mixing cereal into soft serve ice-cream, and wow is it good. This is another spot I stop into whenever I am in New York. Here is the Care Bear's one from last year's trip, soooooo cute right?

After eating dinner and returning to the hotel, we woke up early the next morning because we decided to stop into one last place before we headed off to Connecticut, it's a great spot called Stuffed Ice Cream, and wow did they blow me away by making an ice-cream cone with hella scoops on it as you can see below....lol! They have so many amazing flavors in every bright color you can think of. They also sell stuffed ice-cream donuts that will blow your mind.

It's always a ton of fun to find and explore new shake and ice-cream spots, especially in a new city. Since New York always has new spots popping up weekly, it’s always an overturning wealth of fun places. I have a huge mater list of all the great spots I have seen while gazing Instagram, I have a folder for each state, and even some countries. We will be leaving for Walt Disney World on the 16th of May, so I'm more than excited to shoot all the Mickey themed treats for the 7 days we'll be there. I've been compiling a list of everything I have found online and Instagram so far. Well there’s only New Jersey left, which I’ll be posting in the next couple weeks. Keep an eye out so you don’t miss the last leg of our Spring, 2021 Icecream tour!! 

Also if you ever want to see unposted or unseen footage of all these amazing treats or trips just follow me on my Instagram or Pinterest at @DanaStargazerTruitt, both platforms have their own unique content.

To check out the last Ice Cream Tour just click here-> "First Annual Ice Cream Tour"

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