Pup Style Yummies!!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

No-Bake Treats For Piper!!

~Cookies Please?!~

Hello All and Happy Saturday!!
I have shared so many great recipes with you guys, but this one is one of my favorites, it’s a recipe for your pups. Piper absolutely loves them, so I have a feeling your dogs will too. Now don’t get me wrong, there are so many treats you can buy from the store for your dog, so I’m sure you’re asking why would I want to go to all the trouble of making them myself when I can just get them at the grocery store? Well first off those treats are pretty pricey, and ok... so you want to treat your dog every once in a while ...which is fine, but look at the ingredients just once the next time you buy them. You will see that most of them you can’t even pronounce, let alone understand what the heck they are. Plus they add so many preservatives and other garbage to extend their shelf life, all in all it’s just not good for them. I like making them because number one I literally made them with my own hands, so I know for sure that every ingredient is healthy and natural. I know that they’re good for her, and that makes me feel good about feeding them to her. Plus it’s a super easy, no-bake recipe, that only requires a few items anyone can find in their kitchen. 

Supplies you will need:
*A medium size bowl
*A spoon 
*A measuring cup
*Some parchment paper/or Pam spray to slick         the cookie sheet
*A cookie sheet
*A plate 

Dog Ingredients: 
1/3 cup of creamy peanut butter 
2 1/2 cups of old fashion oats (split in two parts of 2 cups and 1/2 cup) 
1/4 cup of vitamin D milk 
1 cup of puréed pumpkin 

Line the cookie sheet with parchment paper or nonstick cooking spray, this will keep them from sticking. Sit the cookie sheet aside and combine all of the ingredients in the medium sized bowl, and fold them together. One they are well mixed, pour the 1/2 cup of oats we set aside onto a plate. Then use a small spoon to scoop up a small amount and roll it into a ball. Make sure your hands are wet, this keeps the mixture from sticking to your hands while you roll them into little balls. Then once you have a nice ball roll it in the oats on the plate to give them a nice coating. Then place them on the cookie sheet, be sure to space them evenly so they don’t harden together. Once you roll and coat them all, just cover and place them in the fridge for about 2 hrs until they harden. 
Once they’re done put them in a Tupperware bowl and cover, they’re good for 8-10 days in the fridge. 

Piper absolutely loves them, which makes me feel like I’m doing something right. As you can see in the pictures she stalked them until she got one 😂, she is such a little pip! It’s so funny because she’s only 5 months old and already she has the amazing characteristics of an adult dog. I’ve been debating on weather or not to take her to New York with me for Fashion Week because a. She’s my baby and of course I don’t want to leave her for a week with someone I don’t even know at some kennel, where she could catch kennel cough. That means I would have to take her to the vet to get a kennel cough vaccine because it’s very contagious. Now don’t get me wrong Piper is a doll...when it comes to me. When it comes to anyone else she wants no parts of anyone, plus she’s very mouthy. Sometimes she does a lot of vocalizing (aka yapping) to let anyone and everyone know to stay the hell away. Especially when food is involved, when I take her to restaurants with me she gets grumpy because I think she in turn thinks the waitress or waiter is trying to take the food, which she thinks of as her food. It’s hilarious!! I think is she is to go to NYC with us I will have to get her in a serious bootcamp mode the next two weeks. Otherwise she could start barking at ladies that come up and down the runway LOL, and we can’t have that! The good thing is she’s so tiny I can fit her in just about any bag I have, that may be my saving grace. If she goes we will be wearing matching styles such as bows, scarves, and T-shirt’s. I even saw a matching sweater set for Furmama and Furbaby on Etsy. I’m definitely thinking about scoping one, it will be so cute!! I’m so excited about the whole trip, and hopefully before I leave my video set will be complete and we can put out our first official video. 
Thanks to all of you that have been supporting us on YouTube, you’re all so amazing. 

Also I’m running a giveaway here on the blog for an Apple prize pack worth over $1500 dollars, go here to enter ⏩ $1500 Apple Prize Pack

All right Dolls have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to follow us on social media, that way you’ll stay updated on all my giveaways!!
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My YouTube Set!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

You Tube Here We Come!

Happy Tuesday Dolls, I really need your help and opinions on something!! This week I started a YouTube channel (Subscribe Here!) so I plan to start producing videos soon. Naturally I want to make a production space in my photography studio, aka the spare bedroom. It also doubles as the spot where I get ready, do my hair, makeup, and get dressed..😂 it’s a room for a bit of everything. I plan to take one corner over by the window due to the light, and decorate it in a cute and cozy manor with a colorful and fun decor. I was in Marshall’s yesterday where I saw a couple of adorable chairs. The first one had a perfect light pink hue to it so it’s naturally my favorite, you guys know how I adore the color pink. I also really loved the tufted button detail, it gives the chair a chic antique feel. 

It’s  also big enough that I can decorate it with one or two cute throw pillows. I also saw two other styles, one had a high wing back and is an off-white color. I fear it may be a tad to vanilla for my taste, but I love the look. Then there was one with a print, I was thinking to stay away from patterns only because it’s tougher for it to match other pieces to unless you're ready to shell out a good nit of cash to buy all matching pieces. This pattern also seems a bit old school for my taste, but again I like the general look of the chair, it has character. The back almost reminds me of a seashell, it's really cool looking.

I was thinking to try some interesting little antique shops in Ellicot City MD, in one of those shops I could find items with some swanky character, unique items that you don;t see mass produced for huge stores. No matter what it is it has to be inviting, due to the fact that I’ll be using it as a set. I want to pair an interesting side table and area rug, something round and fluffy to match the throw pillows. I have this idea in my head, but haven’t seen anything that catches my eye online at the furniture stores. If you know anywhere good please help me out, I want a unique flare. 

I like the marble it’s so classy and it had two plugs built into the side of the table which will be very convenient, the wooden table is cute but not feminine enough so it won't fit in amongst everything.. It seems to be the opposite of the vibe I want to achieve. I searched google and Pinterest for inspiration, here are a few that I saw that came close to the picture in my head. This first one was my favorite because of the color scheme, it’s light fresh and feminine.

(All inspirational images where captured from Pinterest)

 I just want the chair to have a little more character, I definitely want the tufted button design as I already explained, that is a MUST HAVE for me. I want it on the back and seat. More like the first chair I showed you above, maybe with a chic antique appeal like this one just below. The chair is perfect and I love the table, it has a neat design of what looks like a twig or branch. I love interesting details like that. I also think the wall decor is very important, I think all the little extras add that coziness to the area. 

Another inspirational photo just below, so so cute. I wish the color was a little more pink and
pastel-ish, plus no buttons...i am loving the table and mirror because they match. I definitely would love to find something like that. I'm not so thrilled about the pillow and rug, but love the vase and flowers.

This next inspirational image has the full package and literally makes you think ...."Wow that would be the ideal spot to chill and just relax." I adore the faux fur blanket, adorable pillows, lamp, and matching picture. Then the additions to the table with the flowers and nick-knacks, there is even matching fresh flowers. This is almost perfect, I don’t dig the floral image in the picture, I think something with a fun quote or a little round mirror like inspirational image #1 would be spot on. I really love the white marble table top, the only thing is there’s no button tufted details. Maybe I can replicate this image with one of the above chairs and similar pieces.

 I had an idea for a 2nd type of chair, it’s called a chaise lounge chair. It’s bigger and allows chillin' space as I call it, and a gal always need that. Plus it will give extra room for Piper to stretch out next to me, she always loves to lay with me when I work on my laptop or tablet. She is such a lap dog, she has to be wherever I am at all times. I was thinking about getting her a matching bed, because the spoiled little cutie just has to have her own spot. Funny thing is it will be a waste because as I said, she'll just lay on the chair next to me.

It looks so darn classy and chic just what I love, plus it's covered in buttons with the cute tufted effect. It looks like it would be a dream to sit on as well, this is the inviting feel I was talking about. Then I could add a faux fur rug, a supper fluffy one with matching pillows, and maybe a light pink or colorful one to add a pop of color.
I really love the plush soft look and feel of sheepskin throws and pillows. 

I only worry that with all the white rugs, pillows and throws it will be a bore, so I need some color and with pink being my favorite color it will have to play a good role. There has to be color to capture the eye, so I could keep the white sheepskin rug and go with a pink knot pillow and throw, then add one white sheepskin pillow. 

This is where I need your help, what plays better to your eye?? 

A. Pink braided blanket and pillow with a white sheepskin pillow.
B. Sheepskin blanket and pillow with the pink knot pillow. 
C. Please tell me your idea if you have one better because I’m stumped 😂 and depending on you guys for input. 

You’re going to be watching the videos, so please tell me what you would love to see. I think adding a cute little scene with the mirror on the wall would be much better than the pink sparkly backdrop. Let me tell you guys a little something about myself you may not know, I was a floral designer for 20 plus years. I did weddings, funerals, and parties, as well as everyday arrangements that get delivered to your door. I want to share that with you, it’s the one job I had that never felt like work because flowers are just good for the soul. They always brightened up my day, so like I said I want to share that with you guys so hopefully I can help brighten up your day. I plan to do bi weekly video tutorials on how to make all kinds of different fresh flower arrangements. I think it would be fun and I love to be creative. I have to get a design table or find a way to use the one I already have in the garage. It’s not to cute but maybe I could give it a surface restoration and have Rob sandblast the top so I can restain then seal it and give it new life. Or perhaps I could find a matching set that I can use for next to the chair and to design on. Yeah I obviously have quite a bit of work to do, but I definitely can’t wait to share it with you guys once it’s done. We’re in the middle of remodeling our master bath so the house is a bit upside down right now, I’m so glad my studio is off to itself and unaffected...so far that is 😂. Well back to work, I also want to let you guys know I have a great post coming up tomorrow, it's all about the killer outfit I got on a super tight budget, you won’t believe it. Heck I still don’t believe it. Speaking of new outfits I have to share the cute cute new hookup I got from my favorite spot Pink by Victoria’s Secret. Now you guys know me I just love bright and colorful, so when I saw this set I just had to have it. Plus look 👀 at the cute quarter zip sweatshirt, it’s so comfy and goes perfect with my VS saddlebag. I just can’t decide which kicks looks better with the colors, what do you think white or purple?? Hmm.......🤔 

As you can see in the below image Piper and I are just chillin’ this week in our cozy spot on the floor, on top of our favorite cozy blankets. It was so darn cold in Baltimore this past week, so we plugged in the space heater and just relaxed in front of it. See we had an issue with a nasty freak wind storm that came through, not long after we lost power for 5 or 6 hours. In that kind of weather the house gets cold super fast, so Rob fired up the generator, he got us up and running again until they fixed it. I’m so glad he’s good with his hands and knows what to do, otherwise we would have had some serious issues. 

We popped some bubbly and had some pizza 🍕 as you can see in the image I'm getting the stare from Piper. I think she wants some too!! I think she was saying Mama pop that bottle already 😂!! Oh I almost forgot to show you the Dooney and Bourke bag I saw at Marshall’s, it has little Oriole’s O’s all over it. OMGoodness  I just had to take a picture and show you guys, that’s the emblem for our Baltimore MD baseball team the Oriole's. I love it!! I had no idea they made those, it makes me wonder what else they have I didn’t know about. 

Piper says she definitely wants one, she said she could fit perfectly inside. I’m wembling on weather I should have got one or not, but I just got a new Kate Spade ♠️ not long ago, so I’ll just love it from afar. 
Ps....I’m just loving Piper’s crooked little ears, whatcha think? 😂

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