Almost 1 with Milk-bone!

Saturday, April 28, 2018

This blog post is sponsored, but all experiences and opinions are 100% mine and mine alone. Enjoy and please feel free to comment on what you think.

I'm a "BIG GIRL" Now!

I can’t believe that Piper is almost 1 year old, it’s just amazing to think we have only had her for a matter of months compared to the feeling like we have had her for years. I have been thinking up ideas for a birthday party to celebrate our amazing and short time together so far, plus it's National Pet Month and you know I have to spoil my baby girl! I got the idea to throw here a little party to celebrate it together just her and I, that way I can spoil her all by myself….lol!! I only buy her the best when it comes to treats, as you guys know I’m super picky about what I feed her. It has to be something she loves that I feel good about feeding her. That’s why we love to get her Milk-Bone® dog treats from Target, it's a brand name that has been in my household since Iwas a kid.

We always love going to Target it’s our one stop shop for Piper’s pets supplies, and just about anything else you can think of. The Target staff is always super helpful, I couldn’t find the item I was looking for, so an employee named Pamela glady went into the back to find it for me. While I was eating for her Ilooked over the shelf of Milk-Bone products, do you know how big their selection is? I had no idea, they have a little bit of everything, in all sizes for all dogs in all flavors. It’s amazing how much care they put into making sure our dogs are happy and healthy. In my search to spoil Piper I saw the coolest item, it’s called the Milk-Bone® Happy Birthday Canister. Boy oh boy is it an enormous treat for your dog, I now Piper absolutely loves it. 

It includes an assortment of 5 yummy flavors such as bacon, beef, chicken, sausage, and turkey flavors. I think bacon is Piper’s favorite, because it seems to be the one she goes for most…. granted it’s not the only one…lol! They’re wholesome treats that come from the heart, and they’re Made in the USA. Did you know that Milk-Bone dog treats help clean teeth and freshen breath? They also include 12 vitamins and minerals. Me either! Until I did a little research on their website. I just love the tin container because everything stays fresh, and it also keeps the crumbs from escaping all over my pantry shelves. To put together the entire adorable birthday theme I got some gold balloons, one was a number 1 because Piper will be 1 of course. Then I grabbed some matching plates and the tiniest little birthday hat you’ve ever seen, I’m super surprised she didn’t go crazy to try and get it off. She’s not that great with wearing stuff on her head, but I have to say she’s getting much much better. I remember Nunah would let me put anything on her, and she would just let me pose her. She just didn't care as long as she was pleasing Mama. What an angel, I definitely miss the heck out of her. The one good thing is if Piper knows I have a cookie for her she’ll do whatever I ask, so as you can imagine quite a few Milk-Bones were eaten during the production of this shoot. To create the perfect little set I took her favorite spot on my faux fur blanket where she just loves to snooze, and stacked the gold balloons, then I stood the #1 upright. My husband and I just giggled, she sat there all adorable with her teeny tiny birthday hat on one ear.

She does a deep head tilt whenever I say the word cookie, that’s what we call dog treats in our house. There are a couple words that get a head tilt out of Piper, words like walkies, bye-byes, cookie, go for a ride, and let me tell you it’s the cutest little thing in the world. No matter where we go there’s always someone that approaches us to say hello, as they start to talk she gives this super inquisitive look ,and just tilts her head back and forth. She always makes it seem like she’s paying attention with 110% of her brain power, I’ll have to share the video with you guys on Instagram, you are going to love it. There are so many things about Piper that I love, she makes me smile all day. One of the ways I show her my appreciation and love for all the happiness she brings me, is to get her the treats she truly loves. Milk-Bone® Mini Dog treats and the fun and festive Milk-Bone®Happy Birthday Canister. The Minis are only 5 calories per bone, so that means you can treat your little cutie more, and there are over 200 treats per box.

Yeah as you can see she is pretty smitten with her Milk-Bone dog treats, and as long as she loves them I'll keep buying them. Do you buy Milk-Bones for your pup? If not you should, you definitely can't go wrong with them, it’s a brand we trust and recommend 100%. Give them a go, your dog will love you for it, and so will his or her tummy. Then again so will your wallet because the price point is perfection, not to mention the savings you get when you pick them up at Target. Plus check out these awesome Cartwheel deals! 

Have a Wonderful Week Everyone!!

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The Perfect Mother's Day Gift!!

Monday, April 16, 2018

(This post is #sponsored by: Mila & Such, all opinions and experiences are 100% mine and mine alone!)

Pink Perfection for Mother's Day!

I've been wondering what to get my mom for Mother’s Day for a couple months now. I love sending her flowers but they die, and candy she loves but I always hear how she regrets eating it later. So I though and though ....what do you buy for one of the most important women in your life!? I don’t want to spend to much, she’s gets upset when I do that, so I did a little searching online and asked some of my friends what they where getting for the moms. Then whilst peeking on Instagram I found it....The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift!! My friend Mila makes the most beautiful scarves, and when I say makes the scarves I mean it..she is part of making every bit of each one. She even hand creates/paints the designs on the scarves, they’re her actual art work. Super impressive right? She’s super talented! As I took a further peek at her page I noticed she makes the coolest Mother’s Day boxes, and OMG they’re so so cute inside and out. You guys know how much I love pink so I’m a bit partial, so my mother will for sure know it came from me. Long story short I ordered one to take to her in Delaware when we go to see her for Mother's Day. 

 (As you can see even @PiperthePin liked it!)

The box includes 2 stunning scarves, one is a blanket size with and the other is a smaller hanky size. They’re both adorned with the cutest kissy rose design, on a bright magenta backdrop. There’s a candle with the same logo, and adorned with little sparklies  There's also a second piece of artwork. I just love how she comes up with these stunning little pieces of art, and let me tell you the packaging is just as gorgeous as the contents. It’s so well decorated and wrapped that you can have it sent directly to mom, that’s the genius of the whole thing. You don't even need to add a card because the inner flap of the box has thee cutest card already included. (Check out my unboxing video on IG) There are several different box combinations you can choose from, and then Mila will sent to your mom no matter where she lives. Plus they’re priced to perfection, so it won't be too hard on your wallet. It's a fantastic way to make your mom feel special, for more info on what the boxes include and how to get one for your mom, just go to @MilaSuchNyc on Instagram, or head on over to her website Note if you're not a pink person like me she has many different designs in many different colors, so there's something for everyone. There are even matching throw pillows, ugh it's so much cuteness!
Don’t forget to tell her I sent you, just let her know you’re a friend of mine and she’ll take good care of you, she's an absolute doll!

Have a Wonderful Week!!
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