Halloween Antics!

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Happy Halloween 

This years costume was pretty simple, you guys know for me that crazy color is the main goal for sure, and this new painted wall in Baltimore City completely did the job. Because it was fresh, the colors were bright as can be. I also love the way that the pink and red worked so well together!! I had a costume for Piper which you will see in a couple of the pictures, we had to take it off because she kept shaking at which time it would shift around to being on backwards. We were the Queen and Pup of Hearts, as I said nothing to in depth just fun, cute and colorful.

The entire costume came from Party City, it consisted of the dress, gloves, headband and stockings. All together with tax it was just over $52. I just added a pair of Guess ankle boots that I had in my closet, along with some heavy pink and red blush, eyeshadow and lipstick. I wanted to wear my OTK boots but didn't want to cover the hearts on the legs. so ankle boots it was. Also keep in mind I had to return the original costume, due to stains on the dress where you could see it was obviously wore at some point. The costume in this picture was the second one I had purchased. I think someone returned the first one and they put it right back on the shelf where your girl then bought it. I just feel had they actually looked at it, they would have seen the disgusting stains. So naturally I drove up to return it on the day of, since I didn't see the stains until last minute. Naturally they didn't have anymore my size on Halloween afternoon, so I drove to another store in Towson where I luckily found another one that was actually new. My point being check the costume before you pay for it, especially with the current virus issues. I'm sure you agree that it's gross to buy something someone else has wore, especially with intimate items like stockings. I got lucky that the Towson store had one or I may have ended up with NADA. But come on, you figure when you buy something it's not used right? Yikes was that a mess...lol!! I'm just relived I was able to get everything sorted so I could catch these colorful fun shots!! 

Oh before I forget Piper did a fun growling lion impression on her Instagram page with some yummy Krispy Kreme donuts, you guys gotta see this... it's way to cute (CLICK HERE) to check it out. Please give her a follow and comment on what you think, she's just to precious in this look. I would also love to know what you or your pups or kids dressed up as this year? I know 2020 was odd as was Halloween due to our current world situations, but we have to remember to keep the spirit of any holiday in our hearts and it can be just as amazing no matter what!! 
Love You Guys & Merry Christmas to those that celebrate!! 

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