Staying healthy with Piper and Freshpet

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Thank you for sponsoring this post Freshpet, all experiences and opinions are mine and mine alone. 

Let's Get Fit!!

 Ever since my birthday last year I have been making a serious effort to get and remain healthy, by making better choices for Piper and I, such as exercising on a daily basis, eating better, higher quality, healthier foods. Avoiding heavily processed foods and sodium are on the list as well. All of the garbage that's bad for our bodies I have been avoiding as much as possible.
The first and most important part of our daily routine would be exercise, this get's the heart pumping and which is very important to keep it strong and functioning properly. I live right up the street from a a huge 1/4 mile track at Randallstown High School high school, we go there 3 days a week and walk 2 miles. On top of this in the morning and evening I take walks with Piper in our neighborhood.  My friend and neighbor along with her dog walk with us and because of this I've learned something very important about daily exercise, when you have a partner to do it with, you are much more successful at it because you have someone else to keep you company and to talk to. This keeps me from getting bored which is the number one reason I would stop my daily routines in the past. We usually meet up in the warmer months of the year bright and early at 6am (to beat the heat), and we walk for around one hour. Then when the colder months set in, let's say from November until April my friend and her pup go to Florida, so with my (talking) walking partner gone and the cold weather as a deterrent I have to really get my determination on point. It's at this point that Piper being my only walking partner becomes much more important. I know how much she loves her walks and when she's happy I'm happy, so that keeps me from missing days. I wait until the sun is fully up around 8 or 9 am we get bundle up and get moving. Plus I do much better when it's just her and I because we walk faster, she always pushes me to keep it moving due to her literally being the energizer bunny. She walks super fast and never runs out of energy, so it's also very important that I feed her the best quality food with the right ingredients to fuel her little active self.

What a task that was because Piper can be really picky when it comes to her food. I had a real task of finding not only something that was made of quality ingredients to give her the energy she needs, it also had to taste good enough to where she would eat it. After doing some research I came across Freshpet dog food, I love it because it's made with all natural ingredients, no preservatives or additives, and it's refrigerator stored so it's fresh and full of protein. I know I'm very particular about what I put in my body and I'm the same with what Piper's is eating as well, even better she absolutely loves it. Her favorite is the multi-protein complete meal, it's full of chicken, beef, egg, salmon and veggies. They have all types of different recipes and choices for you to choose from, that way you can get the food that's right for your dog or cat. Yup that's right they make both dog and cat food. Check out their website "Freshpet" for more info on this amazing brand, if your pup is anything like Piper he or she will absolutely love it because it's real food, not some dried up ingredients that have been sitting on the shelf for who knows how long. Freshpet is just what Piper needs to stay fueled up for our more than active lifestyle. It's the changes that I have made for us both that will keep us healthy and living long and happy lives together. I've given up soda and sugary candy, in tandem with the daily activity I have lost 30 pounds which is for sure a win-win because being overweight is super unhealthy for both of us because in older age it will open you up to a lot more ominous and not so good ailments. I also read that by adding a vigorous fifteen minute walk to your daily routine can add years to your life, in the grand scheme of things that's a small price to pay. 

I have also been wanting to work some type of gym routine in to perhaps tone up my body after loosing the weight. I have also been swapping out snacks like cookies and junk food for things like apples, granola bars and fresh veggies with some light dressing. When it comes to Piper's snack I did the same thing, I found out that Freshet has fresh meat treats and chews of all kinds and there are many different flavors. Piper loves the Dog Joy Wood Smoked Turkey Bacon, she literally does a little dance when she sees me with the bag. Nothing makes me smile more than seeing her so thrilled about what she's eating, especially because I know it's not full of a bunch of junk like the other brands. Did I mention they have an amazing price point as well, yeah it doesn't get any better then Freshpet. They are also conveniently located in many stores, just check out the "Store Locater" on their website to find a store near you that sells Freshpet
Trust me your pup will definitely thank you for the deliciousness.

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Birthday Weekend Getaway!

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

"Epic Birthday Getaway!"

(Me enjoying the lobby common area of The Melrose Georgetown)

Hello Luvs, I'm super excited to be sharing my Birthday weekend getaway to DC with you all, we had so much fun exploring Georgetown DC. I also can’t wait to tell and show you all about the luxury boutique hotel we stayed in called The Melrose Georgetown, located at 2430 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington DC 20037.  WOW where can I start? We arrived at the Melrose on a Friday around noon, and we were more than pleased to find out that the hotel was just an 8-10 minute walk from the center of Georgetown, right where all the great shops and restaurants are. Once we left our car with valet we checked in and headed up to our suite, wow was the entrance and common area more than grand. It’s covered in all types of classy decor covered in marble and granite, as I told Rob if this is an indicator of how amazing the suite will be I think we are really going to love our time here. 

 (Front lobby entrance and bar)

 (Lobby common room in the Melrose)

(Grand entrance and front desk)

Boy was I right, the suite was beautiful. Just as you walk in the door the is a cute little office with a desk just off to the left. I really enjoyed how they themed the cedar around the constitution, perfect touch for DC. The as you proceed straight ahead you walk into the living room area complete with a cozy couch and coffee table to the right, an arm chair and ottoman to the left, right next to the dresser and big screen television. Then there was a huge picture window with a great view of of the area, and finally down the hall to the left was a bedroom with a queen sized bed and another big screen television. A little further down the hall to the left was the bathroom, all decked out in marble tiles in a law and white color combo. It was more than enough room for Rob and I to spend the next couple days, and OMG the bed was super comfy with crisp clean bedding and pillows. I’m one of those people that finds it very difficult to feel at home in hotel beds, at the Melrose I had no problem relaxing in and sleeping soundly. Once we got settled in and hung up our clothes we got dressed and walked down to the Georgetown waterfront to look for dinner. 



 (Living room)


The weather was absolutely perfect and because it was a Friday night there were so many different people, all scattered about and walking around just enjoying all the many restaurants to choose from. There where yachts docked on the peer and the sun was just setting so e sat down at some outdoor tables and just enjoyed the scenery. Nothing is more fun than eating a good meal and doing a bit of people! After we finished eating  we stopped into a gelato shop that we saw on the walk up... for a couple scoops of course. Then we headed back to the hotel to relax and rest up for a day of birthday fun, we had plans to do a couple shoots and go out for dinner. When we made it back to the room we enjoyed some fruit, cheese and a glass of wine before turning in and because we slept both cozy and comfortably, we were able to get up bright and early the next morning. 

(Fruit, cheese and wine at The Melrose before bed)

We made sure to stop into the hotel restaurant on our way out and boy was it good. I had an egg white omelette and Rob had the waffles topped with fruit... both were amazing. Needless to say we ate breakfast there the next morning as well, it was that good. Once we filled our bellies we set out for Main St in the heart of Georgetown, there is a great little spot up there called Greenworks Florist, it has pink floral walls that are beautiful and I was very eager to take some pictures there. On the way back we stopped into several stores and shops to look around and explore though I have to say I didn't buy anything but an ice-cream cone. We did stop into Kate Spade where I saw thee single cutest little french bulldog bag, only bummer was to small, I could barley fit my wallet so that was a no go. We also came across some cute walls, so you know we had to stop and shoot a couple pictures. By the time we got back to the hotel it was almost 4pm and we were exhausted, so we settled in and relaxed until 7pm when we had a reservation at Jardenea the hotel restaurant. 

(The old Greenworks Florist in Georgetown)

(Cute alley mural we came across in Georgetown)

(Blind Whino Painter Church)

Wow that was a dinner to remember, everything from start to finish was delicious. First I ordered the barley and lentil soup and Rob ordered a fall and mixed greens salad, as well as some cheese brioche’ dinner rolls. For our entrees I got the fillet and Rob ordered the blackened rainbow trout, both meals were seasoned just right and cooked to perfection. It's very rare that we both love everything about our meals, and eat everything on our plates...or in this case everything they put on the table. The dinner rolls were sooooo good with their cheesy centers. Finally for dessert I got the southern pecan pie and ice-cream, Rob got the vanilla cheesecake and chocolate ganach. My pecan pie was so good and perfectly paired with the vanilla icecream because it was still warm. Let’s just say by the time we left the restaurant we were stuffed and more than ready for bed, plus we had to get up early the next morning for breakfast and start heading back home. 

(Soup and salad appetizers at Jardenea) 

(Filet at Jardenea)

 (Pecan pie and ice-cream dessert at Jardenea)

It was a bummer the weekend was over so fast, but as they say time flies when you’re having fun. I just had to make one pit-stop before we checked out at noon, you guys know I don’t go anywhere without finding the amazing sweet treats that the area has to offer so I can share it with you. I did some area searches and realized that not one but two spots I had my eye on for some time were not that far away from our hotel. I was more than excited!! The first one is a place called The Salt Line, they have some amazing desserts and freak shakes that I had been reading about for a minute. Not only are they delish they are also super decked out with all kinds of yummy toppings like donuts, candy, marshmallows and then some. Plus they aren't just a sweet shop they're also a full serve restaurant and bar with fresh seafood. 

(The Salt Line Freakshake)

(Marion Berry from IceCream Jubilee)

I also stopped into Ice Cream Jubilee which is about 2 or 3 blocks away, you know I had to stop into both. I got a double dip of Marion Berry at Jubilee, it was all piled high in a fresh rainbow sprinkle waffle cone, OMG you guys it was amazing. The flavor profile is epic...a yummy berry flavored ribbon, mixed with graham cracker and super fresh vanilla. If they sold it in gallons I would have bought 5, that's how yummy and rich it was. They make their icecream fresh daily and are always combining so many unique and amazing flavors that all work together, like a harmonious song that make your tastebuds straight up want to sing. These are 2 great spots I whole heartily recommend to you guys if you are in DC, trust me your tummy will thank you. Well after our icecream escapades we headed back to the hotel to pack and set out for home, back to Baltimore. On the way Rob and I made plans to make it a yearly tradition to get away on our birthdays, to basically take some time to ourselves to just relax and recharge. I have been learning to pay more attention to self care, it's always important to take time for you, especially when you have hectic on-the-go busy lifestyle like we do. I know one thing, we will definitely be going back to The Melrose. I plan to see what other locations they have in the US because I’m excited about the adventures and possibilities ahead. For more info on The Melrose Georgetown check out their website at:, see if there is a location near you. 

 (Me relaxing in the Melrose Lobby)
(The view from our suite)

(Breakfast at the Melrose)

(Me enjoying the cherry on top)

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Blogger Babe Tees with Custom Ink

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

This post is sponsored by Custom Ink and all opinions and experiences are mine and mine alone.

"The DMV Blogger Brunch!"

I’m so excited to be putting this post together, as most of you know we love putting together fun blogger events, that way I can hang out with some other ladies in the area so we can bounce ideas off of one another. This helps me to be the best blogger I can be, as well as getting to know my peers. We recently had a little DMV Blogger Babes Brunch in DC this past weekend and I thought what could be more fun then to make DMV Blogger Babe Tee’s. So I started my search for a good spot, that’s when I came across Custom Ink in Bethesda. They are fantastic because they make the process so easy and their employees couldn’t be more helpful. All I had to do was go online to their website and make and appointment to stop in. 

They have the coolest atmosphere where you sit down and work with your designer to create a cute logo or design. They have amazing in depth programs on their computers that include every niche’ you can think of and in every color. It doesn’t take long and if you aren’t quite sure what you want no worries, they can more than help you with ideas to create something that puts a smile on your face. Then they deliver it right to your front door for an unbeatable price. I was surprised at how patient they were because you know I take Piper everywhere with me and this particular day she was being more than obnoxious. Add Rob running around with the camera taking pictures, then moving things about and you have a real circus. 

They have much more than t-shirts too, Custom Ink can put your fab new personalized design on just above anything. Jackets, cell phone cases, water bottles, bags, hats and much much more. The t-shirts I got were an absolute hit because they were so soft and luxe feeling, not to mention the fantastic logo we came up with made everyone make that cute ahhhhh sound when they saw them. I was definitely going for something I knew everyone would want to wear on a regular basis, something that would match just about anything. I realized that you can’t go wrong with light pink and a v-neck when you have a group of female bloggers. In fact Custom Ink made the process so enjoyable that I’m already thinking up ideas for the next Blogger Babe get together. I can say I more then recommend them for all of your customizing needs. 

I think for the next meeting I may have some phone cases and zip up hoodies made for the cold season. They had some amazing Under Armour and Nike hoodies that looked and felt super soft and warm, I know the girls would absolutely love those. Sound off below and tell me what you would make if you could, and give your girl some good ideas. With all the different choices they have, I just don’t know if I can decide. I was thinking perhaps a brunch picture, like a little mimosa or Bloody Mary design/logo, that may be super cute and fun.

Well Piper and I have to get packed, we will be staying in Washington DC for the next 3 days so I better get going. In the meantime definitely keep Custom Ink in your memory for your future needs, you definitely won’t find better. Just check out their website to find a location near you, because there are many stores. 

Have a wonderful day luvs! 
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Our Stay in Ocean City with Aloft!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

(This post is sponsored by Aloft Ocean City, all opinions and experiences are mine and mine alone.)

"Our Aloft Weekend Getaway!!"

There’s nothing like a good weekend getaway to refresh you and make you feel like new again. I’ve had some craziness the last couple months and Our little weekend getaway was just what the doctor ordered. There is nothing like fresh ocean air, sand under your feet, hanging out poolside and just enjoying the sun on your skin. Everyone knows that your trip is just as good as the hotel you stay at which is why we’re more than happy we stayed at Aloft Ocean City. Because the staff greet you like family the atmosphere is fantastic and we felt  super comfortable, plus they’re very pet friendly which is a big think with us because Piper always joins us. The rooms were beautiful with a sleek modern decor, I really loved the colorful rugs and wall hangings. You guys know how I love a good splash of
color, plus they even provided a bed and bag of goodies for Piper. It had cookies and toys, which automatically made her feel right at home as well. The rooms have little refrigerators, a safe, WiFi, smart TV’s, boy I could go on and on. Our balcony looked over the back of the property which was a stunning view, especially in the evening when the sun set you could see the beautiful colors over the water. There was also a view of the bay and swimming pool area, as well as their private beach where you could do some paddle boarding and kayaking from.

After we settled into the room and unpacked we then put on out swimsuits and headed for the pool, there’s a great little bar out back where you can order food and drinks, as well as swim and lay out. They also have live music at different points during the day and it was great!! I definitely recommend the Bavarian soft pretzels, omg so so good. There is also a little food counter in the hotel where you can order breakfast lunch or dinner, along with some great snacks and drinks. Everything Rob and I ordered we enjoyed so I’m gathering it probably all was. I saw this yummy corned beef hash selection on the breakfast menu, but due to my recent stomach issues wasn’t able to get it but Rob did and wow did he love it. After we ate dinner we took a walk to the beach and checked out a few stores, then after a long day of driving we retreated back to the hotel and turned in early to rest up for the next day. 

We woke up at 7am and started showering and getting dressed, we ate breakfast and headed out to the Boardwalk for a little early morning walk with the dog. Then we hopped in the car and headed to Rohoboth Beach so I could check out Mug & Spoon, a fantastic little freakshake spot. We had thee funnest shoot, the shakes were so colorful and absolutely amazing. They had 4 or 5 different shake choices and all types of amazing and unique icecream flavors, coffees and cookies. If you are ever on Rohoboth definitely stop in, your tastebuds will thank you. After lunch, milkshakes, alot of boardwalk and beach walking we retreated back to the Aloft hotel for some poolside rest and relaxation. Piper sat on the sun chair with me while I ordered some soft pretzels and together we enjoyed them and the amazing weather. To be honest this is what we did most of the trip, the hotel was so relaxing we really didn’t want to leave, at least I know I didn’t. There are so many amazing amenities and comfy common areas, they also have pool and game tables for adults and kids alike. 

By the time the day came to an end I had a nice tan and was more than recharged, sometimes you just need to get away for a couple days. The daily stresses of life in general can be exhausting, so I was more than sad we had to go home the next afternoon. We did get up early so we wouldn’t miss a single minute, and we were also meeting my mom for breakfast. She lives about 20 minutes outside of Ocean City, so every time we go to the beach we have this little thing where we always meet up for breakfast. I always love seeing my mom, I sure wish she still lived right down the street from me. It’s tough with her living 3 hours away because I don’t get to see her much any more. 

You guys know no matter where I go that I always find you the best of the best when it comes to icecream and shakes, so after breakfast I wanted to make sure I got a shoot in with my all time Ocean City favorite... Kohr Brothers, they have thee most amazing frozen custard. Their cones are covered in chocolate and sprinkles, then to add an extra pop of color I added a delish Boardwalk lollipop 🍭and wow was it cute. After our little photo shoot we had a little lunch and Doughroller and started back for the hotel to pack up and check out. I was sad to leave Aloft, it was so nice and will definitely be the only place we stay from now on when we go to the beach. I for sure recommend it to all, you will more than love your time there.

All in all our beach trip was amazing, all three of us had an amazing time. It’s something that we do every year because like I said above it really helps to just get away for a few days and refresh yourself. I definitely think we will more than love Paris, I’m more than excited to be going in September. I also think we will be taking a little DC staycation between now and then, something fun to mix it up!! Well here’s to a wonderful weekend, enjoy the weather and stay cool. 

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