Weekend Getaway to Ocean City MD

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Ocean City, Maryland Fun

If you’re looking for a great location for a summer getaway, that’s affordable and not to far of a drive, then try Ocean City, Maryland. It’s perfect for families and couples alike, it’s also great for a girls trip, or some bachelor party fun. They literally cater to everyone. There is plenty for you to do, see, and eat. Especially with 10 miles of beaches and nearly 3 miles of boardwalk, all lined with unique little shops and restaurants. Trust me when I say you’ll never run out of things to do. A fun fact, Trip Advisor recently voted Ocean City, MD one of the Nation’s Top Beaches. There’s nothing like a trip to Ocean City. I’ve been going with my family ever since I can remember. Now that I’m an adult and have my own family, I still go and love it even more. It’s only a three hours from Baltimore, so it’s great for a weekend trip.


We arrived in Ocean City around lunch time, so we stopped into Shotti’s Point for lunch. Wow what a great menu! With all the choices we ordered pizza and chicken tacos. Sided with some tasty cocktails and delish street corn. After our yummy lunch with a view, we headed to our hotel: Aloft Ocean City, to check in, change, and head back out for some exploring and possibly get some sun. Our first stop was the boardwalk for some Kohr Brothers as always. It’s a fantastic ice cream spot with the most amazing soft serve. I always go whenever I go to the beach. I picked the vanilla and strawberry swirl, with rainbow sprinkles, in a chocolate lined waffle cone. Talk about amazing, it’s a MUST try spot if you’ve never been. The Boardwalk has tons of great restaurants where you can find food for every different taste. 


While I was enjoying my ice cream, Rob was a few stores down getting some Thrasher’s fries. They’re his favorite boardwalk treat, which I must admit are pretty amazing. Especially when they’re salted, crispy and hot. Then we strolled the boardwalk while we enjoyed our snacks, we also did a little shopping here and there. It was a relaxing afternoon to say the least. We were having such a good time that we didn’t realize it was already 7pm, until Rob said he was hungry and ready for dinner. That’s when we headed over to Liquid Assets for a bite to eat, and boy am I glad we did. Everything we ordered was beyond delish, especially the dessert. 

I ordered a potato and leek soup, with a fried / BBQ style chicken. Sounds odd, but I can assure you it was so good. Rob ordered a deconstructed, short rib, pot pie along with a salad. I had some of the pot pie and holy moly talk about good. For dessert I got the ice cream sandwich, it’s basically a yummy warm and soft donut, with vanilla ice cream in the middle. Then finally it’s garnish in an outta-this-world bourbon caramel sauce. Let me tell you, it’s the best dessert I've had in some time. My mouth is watering thinking about it now, that caramel sauce was a dream. Once we finished dinner, we scrambled to the Bay side so we could catch the sunset, it’s absolutely amazing. The sky turns so many different rich shades of red, orange, purple and pink. Then on the ocean side, (if you’re willing to get up at 5:30-6am in the summer to get to the beach) you can catch the most beautiful of sunrise as well. It’s the most amazing vibe to just walk the beach or boardwalk first thing in the morning. The cool ocean air is just amazing, there’s no better feeling. 


After enjoying the sunset, Rob and I headed back to Aloft Hotel for the night. The last 3 years in a row we have always stayed at Aloft. It’s a great hotel because it’s affordable, roomy and super clean. Not to mention the beds are super comfortable, and the staff is always friendly. Lastly and very important to us, they’re pet friendly, which I love because usually Piper is with us. Then there’s the pool and bar out back, which you can sit by and order a cocktail or some food. It’s the best!!

The next morning we got up early and headed to Berlin for the day, we heard the area is fun, has lots of good food, as well as shopping. First things first we stopped into Assateague Surf Shop for breakfast on the way there. I got a yummy pineapple and kiwi açaí bowl, Rob got a panini and smoothie combo. It’s such a fun little shop, especially if you’re into surfing. After fueling up, we stopped by Assateague Farm to get some flowers for our planned shoot in downtown Berlin, then we headed to the Mermaid Museum for some fun. I had no idea just how many mermaid collectables there were. They have a wall of Mermaid sightings, as well as interactive art that you can get into for some fun pictures. 

By the time we were done at the Mermaid Museum it was around 1pm, so we headed over to a local farm to table spot called: Blacksmith Restaurant for lunch. The menu had a good variety of items, so I ordered the mushroom bisque soup and a fried soft shell crab BLT. Rob got a Cobb salad and a fried chicken sandwich. The restaurant had a fantastic small town vibe, and everyone was so friendly. 

After lunch we explored downtown Berlin, there were so many little shops, clothing stores, and of course a spot for ice-cream called Island Creamery. I even managed to find a sidewalk mural for a cute ice cream shot. Then we stopped into a boutique where I found a colorful dress, along with a pair of the most unique denim shorts. I can’t wait to shoot and share them with you guys on Instagram. 

Our next stop was Windmill Creek Vineyard, for some delicious wine and beautiful views. It was only about 10 minutes outside of downtown Berlin. We sat down and relaxed, while we watched the ducks and chickens roam around the property. It was such a mellow vibe, I was really surprised at how fun our day in Berlin was. There is so much to do, it’s a great little town. Not to mention that ice cream was amazing, I’m still thinking about the yummy birthday cake flavor ….lol!

Once we got back into Ocean City from Berlin (it’s only a 15 min drive), we stopped into The Crab Bag for dinner, where we had a wide array of steamed and boiled crabs, shrimp, cocktails and then some. I got a cocktail called the electric pear, it was beyond good. When it comes to cocktails I love the fruity flavors, so this one hit the spot. Needless to say we more than enjoyed our dinner, after which we returned to Aloft for our last night in Ocean City, MD.  

The next morning we got up super early to catch the sunrise on the beach, wow is all I can say. It’s absolutely perfect. I wish I could see it that way every morning. How amazing would that be? After a long walk on the beach we headed out for breakfast at The Fractured Prune, where we got some fresh, warm, and delicious donuts, sided with a strawberry smoothie. 

We took our donuts and sat down by the water, where we happily enjoyed them while we talked for a good two hours. It’s moments like those that make a trip so special, not to mention that amazing ocean breeze and view. There’s only one thing to do when you take a trip to Ocean City, ENJOY!! Enjoy the rides, the beach, the food and then some. It’s the perfect place to leave all your day to day craziness behind.
We spent most of the morning on the beach and boardwalk until around noon, then we headed back to Aloft to get packed up and check out. Sadly it was time to go home, but we decided to make one last stop for lunch at Seacrets on our way out. I’m so glad we did because wow what a cool restaurant, it’s got such a great Jamaican theme. 

They have tables on the beach, some in the water and others up under palm trees in the shade. The drinks were fantastic, as was the food. My favorite being the crab dip by far, it’s a must try item. I had the beef stew and Rob got the jerk chicken bowl. It was the perfect way to end our trip. Like I said, f you’re ever looking for a great location for a summer getaway, look no further because Ocean City, Maryland is it! I’ll definitely be back in September for the Oceans Calling Music Festival Sept 30-Oct 2nd, due to Dave Mathew’s and Lumineers performing. It sounds like it will be some serious fun, as OCMD always is!

Ps…Make sure you follow me on Instagram if you aren’t, I just posted reels of my 4 favorite crab dishes and favorite ice cream spots in Ocean City, Maryland. You don’t want to miss these mouthwatering recommendations, including a Bloody Mary that is an entire seafood feast. Sounds amazing right? 
See y’all there and Happy Traveling!! 

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