Spring Ice Cream Tour Part A/Connecticut

Monday, March 22, 2021

The Connecticut Portion of Our Trip!

I'm so excited to share our Spring Ice-Cream Tour with you guys. It's a road trip that spanned many states and many amazing stops along the way. We stopped in Stamford, Connecticut for 3 days, then New York City for another 3 days, then New Jersey for another 2 days. I will be doing a blog post on each stop as not to make them too long, and for the first post we will be getting a view at our stop in Stamford Connecticut. There were two main spots we stopped in Stamford for, one is called Elm Street Diner, and the other is called Bona Bona. We arrived in Stamford around 2pm at which time we checked into our room at The Stamford Hotel. Our stay solidified the fact that it's the ONLY place to stay while in the area, and below you will see why. 

The room and bed were both very comfy, clean, and more than roomy. There were also plenty of common areas, a full gym, a swimming pool area and then some. Not to mention the staff was super nice and helpful when we asked for local recommendations on food and shopping. Everything in downtown Stamford, such as restaurants, bars, and shopping, is a 5 to 8 minute drive from the hotel, which makes it super convenient. They are also pet friendly, so that means next time we come Piper will be able to accompany us. 

Downstairs as you enter the hotel, there are several common areas that are really nice and roomy. I love the fun colorful vibe, I'm even happy to say I found some fun purple stairs to match my new Under Armour outfit...loll! Once we got settled into the room and rested up for a few hours, we headed out to find some dinner and do some quick shopping. Originally the trip was supposed to be 6 days, but we stretched it out a bit more when we decided to stop in New Jersey for a couple extra days. Rob and I picked up a few things (one being a new CK dress that I'll show you below) and wandered around the mall for a bit.

We ate dinner at a cute little Greek spot not far from the hotel, I had a chicken and lemon orzo soup with a greek salad, Rob had the same. By the time we made it back to the hotel it was almost 10pm, and we were exhausted. After driving all day, some serious rest was needed. Plus we had to be up early the next day to check out Elm Street Diner, which was also right up the street from our hotel. I was more than excited because Elm Street had been in my mind for some time, they have the most amazing over-the-top milkshakes and desserts. We arrived there bright and early the next morning, after a VERY good nights sleep. We were greeted by John the owner, who graciously helped us to pick the most insane items for pictures. 

Prepare to be blown away...!!
First up is the Nutella Kinder Donuts, this is a stack of donuts  with Kinder Bueno, Peanut Butter Cups, and covered in Nutella and other divine sauces. It's nothing like you have ever seen or tasted, and wow so sinfully sweet. As you can see it definitely put a smile on my face, but wait this is nothing compared to what's coming. 
There's so much more.  

Next up is the Waffle Tower, yes I said waffle tower. It's basically an ice-cream sandwich made out of waffles, then piled high with more ice-cream, donuts, cake, cupcakes, chocolate bars, a chocolate chip cookie ice-cream sandwich, Nutella, an eclair bar and then some. Talk about a cheat day treat, I have never seen anything like it. I asked them to blow me away and they sure nailed it. I have to tell you Rob fell in love with the chocolate cake, he ate the whole piece by himself. 

 Ok next up is my favorite item because of the beautiful coloring, it's called the Cotton Candy French Toast. It's the most amazing french toast, topped with a delish vanilla ice-cream, cotton candy, rainbow sprinkles and the most amazing pink, blue, and white icing. When I say amazing french toast I mean it, wow was it good....definitely my favorite food item from this stop. 

Ok so next up was the St Patrick's Day Freakshake, the day we stopped in was the Saturday before St Patty's Day. We were excited to get something themed for the holiday and WOW did they deliver. What you see below is a piece of 4 layer cake, topped with a donut, 2 cupcakes, a lollipop, a clover sugar cookie, rock candy, and lotsa pot of gold vibes. All piled high in a vanilla frosting rimmed glass, with chocolate coins and pearl candy sprinkles. Oh...My....Goodness was this by far the coolest St Patty's Day Shake I've ever seen. 

 Ok we have one more ....Last and certainly not least is the Strawberry Shortcake Freakshake, and WOW will it freak your tastebuds. This shake is also piled high with lots of yummies like a slice of cheesecake, a cupcake, rock candy, cherries, a strawberry, a strawberry shortcake ice-cream pop, all piled high atop a yummy strawberry milkshake, in a vanilla frosting, chocolate chip and rainbow sprinkle rimmed glass. 

As they say save the best for last, I absolutely love anything strawberry related especially when it involves ice-cream. I would love to know in the comments which one you would pick. If you guys keep an eye on my Instagram -> (@DanaStargazerTruitt) you will see the video views of each item shown above, which always makes them look so sooooo much better. Also what do you think of the cute new Calvin Klein dress? This is one of the new items I picked up from the Macy's in Stamford Mall. The colors were to perfect, I couldn't help myself. I also got a beautiful blazer to match, which you will see in the next blog post, on our stop in New Jersey. Then the third and final blog post on the trip will be our time in New York City, which will by far be the biggest. By the time we ate breakfast and finished shooting Elm Street Diner it was around 4pm, so we headed back to the room to relax for a few hours. I caught the most beautiful sunset from our window that overlooked most of Stamford. It was the best end to the day. 

The next morning, after another great night of sleep, we went out for breakfast at a cute little diner, again right down the street from the hotel. After we ate breakfast, we headed back to the hotel to pack up, check out and head onto the next stop, which was a spot called Bona Bona. It's located on our way out of Connecticut, so it worked out perfectly. They have the coolest unique flavor that I wish I could get here in Baltimore. What they do is add a house-made custard to the tops of their cones and scoops, then they char it like you would a marshmallow. It tastes soooooo good. It tastes kinda like marshmallow, but the consistency isn't gooey like marshmallow, it's literally like a fluffy custard. I wish I could email you guys one, because you would love it. 

Ok so here just above is the Bona Bona waffle cone, now keep in mind they make their own ice cream, with some of the best unique flavor combos. They also have trucks where they sell as well as doing events. Hint...Hint...Come to Baltimore Bona Bona!! The ice-cream I tried that I absolutely loved was the frosted animal cracker ice-cream, with some of the custard on top, it's shown below. That was one that I completely finished all on my own, because it was just too good to stop eating until it was allllllll gone...lol! TRY IT, I promise it's an amazing flavor combo.

They also have some really good milkshakes, I tried the Over The Rainbow and The Italian Campfire. Both shown below. 

I really loved the smoothness and flavor of their ice-cream, which was perfect for a milkshake. I had them top the bottom one with the custard, instead of the usual whipped cream. I think it tasted amazing and looks fabulous. I really enjoyed their store, it's super fun and colorful inside. There is one room with rainbow sprinkles all over the walls, then the outer room has pink walls on one side, and rainbow on another. It's the perfect atmosphere for such delish treats. If you live in the area look them up, it's a must try spot.

Well that's all for the Connecticut portion of our trip, make sure you keep an eye out for the New Jersey post coming soon.

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