Dallas, Texas Ice cream Tour 2022!!

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Dallas Ice Cream Tour!

I know it’s been a while since my last post, I’ve been so swamped with work and basic every day craziness. I also had some issues with my blog and signing on. Either way I’m super happy to say yah girl is back. I’ve been doing a ton of traveling for ice cream as usual, which I’m excited to share with you. I’ll start off with my most recent trip to Dallas, Texas, which we spent most of hanging out with my good friend Eve of @TheStyleAndFitnessWithEve, and exploring for ice cream. Whilst I didn’t find many new freakshake spots, I did discover some regular favorites with locations in the area. I also found some new spots with delish sundaes and cones. First let’s talk about the beautiful hotel we stayed at called The Lorenzo Hotel. Wow talk about a wonderful place to stay. It’s called an artful hotel, which is filled with colorful art and striking details all throughout. If I tried I couldn’t find a hotel that matches my personality more. We had so much fun checking it out, it’s like a little art gallery.

From the moment you walk into the lobby you are immersed  
in color. The entire hotel is covered in art, both inside and out. We stayed in the Tina Turner suite, which was yes you guessed it, decked out in Tina Turner vibes all throughout. There’s also some fun history with Tina Turner and this hotel, she once stayed there before the building became The Lorenzo. Pretty cool tidbit of info isn’t it? Now getting back to our amazing room, I want to mention the colorful headboard, comfy bed and adorable living room area, surrounded by huge windows. Which we really enjoyed watching the sunset and sunrise from. You also get a look at downtown Dallas, which I might add is pretty beautiful. 

(View from our room at Lorenzo Hotel)

Some of the amenities include a 24 hour gym, a swimming pool equipped with cabanas, plenty of colorful seating, and sun chairs. Not to forget the two on site restaurants, one being a restaurant/bar down in the lobby (The Lorenzo Kitchen), along with a cute little taco stand in the front, across from the entrance (Taco Enzo). I only got a chance to eat at the spot inside, wow was the chicken tortilla soup good. We also decided to give the room service a try, hence one of my evening cravings for sweets…. plus a little champagne. I can’t tell you what a delicious treat that was. 

                (Lorenzo Hotel)

The Lorenzo was an amazing choice for our stay, to this day I’m so glad we found it. Now let’s talk about the amazing desserts and foods we stuffed our faces with while in Dallas. After all that was the whole point of our trip!!! A couple weeks before going I decided it was time to go somewhere, and boy am I glad I did. Along with The Lorenzo, this entire trip was one, out of the park experience, after another. Let’s start off with The XOXO Dining Room, a pink themed brunch spot. Once we arrived in Dallas, checked in and got settled a bit, we showered and headed right back out to meet my friend Eve, for a late Sunday brunch. This restaurant was insane, not only was in pink inside and out. It was also loaded with all kinds of fun spots for pictures. Because it was the eve of Valentine’s Day, we got the Valentine’s Day Brunch. It consisted of an entrée for each person, a mimosa, and lastly a tray of treats for the table. The price point was per person, available for tables/groups only. Of everything we ordered I really enjoyed the chicken and waffles, which just happened to be pink. So cute! I also ordered a cotton candy cocktail, as well as trying some of Eve’s pink drink. The drinks were really good, so much so that we ordered more rounds. Hey I was on vacation …lol!

(Next 4 - XOXO Dining Room)

After brunch we went back to The Lorenzo, and settled in for the night. On day two we got up early and discovered a great little breakfast spot called All Good Café, in Deep Ellum. It looks like a little hole in the wall, but man was the food good. We ate there every morning but one, just to give you an idea. After breakfast we checked out the area around the restaurant, it’s full of so many stunning murals. We got a bunch of fabulous and super colorful fashion shots.

(Mural by pool at Lorenzo Hotel)

   (Next 2 - Murals in Deep Ellum area) 

As you can see there was one to match every cute outfit or bag for that matter. After shooting for a few hours we went back to the hotel to meet up with Eve, then head off for some sweet treats. The first spot we hit up in Dallas was called Zero Gradi, an authentic Italian pastry shop that blew my mind. The cream filled croissants, coffee and gelato are phenomenal! They also have a sister restaurant located next store called 400 Gradi, which we stopped into for a very late lunch. It’s nothing but legit amazing and authentic Italian food. After we filled our bellies we stopped into Aqua S to get some soft serve. I tried the red velvet and sea salt swirl, with some caramel popcorn. Rob got the same, but he chose a roasted marshmallow as his garnish.

                                                                          (400 Gradi)

It was such a unique and delicious flavor. I’m also excited to find that they have a location in Virginia Beach, which means I’ll definitely be stopping in when we’re there in a few months. Our next ice cream stop was one of my favorites, it’s called The Yard Milkshake Bar. When I found out they had a Dallas location I made it a point to stop in. Each location has shakes on the menu that are specific to that area, along with a secret menu, which I was more than excited to try. 
Check out how colorful and amazing looking, they always have beautiful shakes. They too have a location in Virginia Beach, along with many others all over the US.

We spent a couple hours shooting shakes and talking, then we went to grab an early dinner and head back to The Lorenzo for the night. We were a bit exhausted and needed some rest. Over the next three days we hit up so many great spots. The Mallow Box, Amorino Gelato, Somi Somi, Snow City, & Cow Tipping Creamery. We also stopped into The Sugar Factory for lunch, where we got their Valentine’s Day shake. Each and every spot we had the pleasure of stopping into was beyond fantastic. On my Instagram I'll be doing a review of each spot and the treat or treats we tried there, in my coming Saturday, Dessert Diva posts. So keep an eye out. Lastly if you would like to see video content of each item, then check out and follow my Pinterest or TikTok. The content on each platform is different, so they are all worth following.  

                                                                (Mallow Box)

                                                              (Mallow Box)

I have to say our Dallas trip was fabulous, and wow it’s a great city for color, fun and ice cream. I probably gained 10lbs, but we had fun which was worth all the calories. One thing I’m so sad to say is I found out a spot I have been stalking on Instagram, for over a couple years, opened up a Dallas location a couple months before my trip, so I didn’t know it existed. I’ve been wanting to go FOREVER!!. When I got home I realized I missed it which really ticked me off, because the only locations I’ve known them to have are in California. Now that I know they have a new location in Detroit as well, I definitely plan to travel there so I can go. It’s called House of Chimney Cakes, and wow are they beautiful. I’ll also be going to Amsterdam, Paris, and London in May. Best believe I have an insane list of places I plan to visit. If you've been and know and great spots, please comment with them below. I’ll definitely be putting together a huge post for that trip. But before that, I’ll be sharing part 2 of my Disney World trip. Now that I’m back online blog wise, and I have tons of content to share.
So keep an eye out!

(Art display in The Lorenzo Hotel)

Luv you guys tons ❤️
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