Spring Cleaning with Adams Flea & Tick!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

(This post is sponsored by Adams Flea & Tick, all experiences are mine and mine alone.) 

Time to get the house ready!!

Hello my friends, spring is here and it’s about that time to start spring cleaning. For most people this is just inside of the house, but we do things a little differently, we like to do the same to the outside as well. We start off by pressure washing all the sidewalks, driveway, patios and porch. The we wash down the siding on the outside of the house, kind of like you wash a car. This keeps the white siding looking bright and new, then we move onto the yard to get it ready for summer. We make sure to fertilize the grass, and spray all of the rose bushes for bugs. Otherwise the beetles will have all the leaves looking like swiss cheese by June…they sure are destructive little things. Then there are the fleas, another annoying summer pest we have to worry about because of Piper.

(They love to nest in the soft plushy areas which are perfect for the Carpet & Home Spray)

During the summer we are out and about doing a ton of activities and many of them include other dogs. We go to the dog park on a regular basis, we go to the dog festival, and we love to go on hikes up by Liberty Dam. All of these activities carry the risk of Piper coming home with one of these nasty little critters on her, and we want to make sure that we are protected in every way so that our home doesn’t become a flea infestation. How fleas work is they attach themselves to your dog or cat (the host) and as gross as it sounds suck their blood. Then the flea will lay eggs all over your pup, then he or she walks around your home dropping these eggs in every area of your home, kind of like a little salt shaker. All over your rugs and floors, on your favorite chair, in his or her bed, on your bed, and even in the yard and car. Then these little critters hatch and jump on a host and start the cycle all over again, until your home, car and yard are swarming with fleas. This is why flea-proofing your pup, yard and house is so important. They are thee nastiest little critters in so many ways and i just don’t want them chewing on us or the dog, so I take steps to keep them far far away from us, Piper and the house. I keep a small arsenal on hand at all times, and we ONLY use Adams Flea & Tick products which we so conveniently get from the pet section of Walmart. The products consist of both immediate and preventive measures, because let’s face it all summer we are around other dogs. Whilst we can’t control fleas on everyone else’s dogs, we can’t stay held up in the house all summer either. With these products I can calm our fears and keep us all and the house pest free, that way we can enjoy fun summer and spring events like Pawject Runway a fun little pup fashion runway show that raises money for Barcs. Every year we love to go and help support Barcs, it’s always teaming with pups of all kinds from all over. 

(Adams Flea & Tick products are very easy to find in the pet section of Walmart)

I basically use the same routine each year and it starts off with a bath using the Adams Flea & Tick Cleansing Shampoo, this gets Piper clean, smelling fantastic and flea free. Next up I put the Adams Flea & Tick Collar Plus for Dogs & Puppies on Piper as a preventive measure, to keep any future fleas from trying to catch a ride. I always find that being preventive is much better than reactive, because it keeps it from happening all together saving me a lot of stress and headaches. Then there's the Adams Flea & Tick Spray which is wonderful for spot treatments and the Carpet & Home Spray is great to keep your home flea free. The flea and tick spray is great for those days we go on hikes in the woods by the dam, Piper loves to explore all the trails with us for hours and hours. While it’s lots of fun, I never forget all of the risks that these days can offer when it comes to fleas and ticks. Due to Adams Flea & Tick products we are able to enjoy our summer of fun activities without a care in the world. They also carry great products to spray your yard with, we use them too. 

Right after we finish planting the annuals and turning the mulch in the flower boxes, we spray down the outer yard and Piper’s area as well. She loves to run in and out of her doggie door into her yard, she also loves to lay in the grass spread eagle and sun bath. It’s the cutest thing in the world to see her enjoy her little space in such a comfy manner. By the time we finish up the yard everything looks quite beautiful, and it’s just in time for our annual family cookout. It’s so much fun to relax with the family, eat delicious food, talk, and just enjoy each others company. Yes it’s a ton of work, but nothing is more satisfying then pride in your work and home. After all it’s home, our very own little part of the world, and it’s a reflection of us as people, so we have to keep it looking nice and clean, as well as pest and flea free. The only thing left to worry about is those darn deer eating all my flowers….I definitely need a cry emoji right about now…lol!!

Well here’s to a beautiful flea free summer with Adams Flea & Tick Products!!


  1. I had a flea infestation one summer...NO FUN!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing. I will have to check out the Adams flea and tick collar plus.

  3. That dog belongs in Hollywood! He oughtta be in pictures, lol!

  4. Thankfully I haven't had any problems with fleas this year!