Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Brunch on The Avenue

Love me a Good Sunday Brunch!

There is a great little spot in Hampden called The Food Market, all in all it's not that far from me. I would say its about 15-20 minutes from my house in Randallstown/Owings Mills. It's one of my favorite spots, not to mention is flippin' amazing, they have thee best brunch menu EVER! Now don't get me wrong they have an amazing dinner menu as well, from Mon-Fri they don't open until 5pm, then on the weekends they open at 9am. There is a full bar and mind you the drinks are relish, i got the one above which is called Bohemian Raspberry. I like my cocktails fruity and sweet, it's just better when they go down yummy, who wants to choke down a drink that tastes utterly horrible? I want to taste and enjoy it, not force it down whilst I make a cringed up face and most liquor does that in my case unless it's cut with something sweet. Are you the same way??...I'd love to know in the comments. Back to the food, Rob and I started out with the soft pretzels and beer cheese, now keep in mind tis is what they're known for...and now I know why!! the pretzels where soft and buttery and the cheese was thick rich and tasty, such a perfect match.

Then for the mains I ordered the Peruvian Cheesteak which is made up of fork pull short rib, smothered in cheese and lots of yummy fried onions and red peppers on a soft sub roll, topped with jalapeños and sided with fresh fries. It’s  an absolute master piece that I will be going back for many times over,. Rob ordered the chicken and biscuits, which he ate every bite of mind you. We never leave The Food Market hungry or unhappy, and it seems we aren't the only ones that feel this way because they're always packed no matter what time you go in. I'll give you a tip, make a reservation or you will be waiting to get a table.

After brunch we walked down to The Creamery to grab an ice cream, we decided to grab the newest flavor Baltimore In A Box...WOW was it good!! They always have amazing sweets, i love their hot chocolates as well, i like to top mine with one of their amazing homemade caramel marshmallows. 
You know I have a crazy sweet tooth and while I constantly say... "It's always a good time for ice-cream", it was a little insane today being it was six degrees. Let's just say it was more than cold shooting the ice-cream and omg super windy so it felt even colder. Sadly not long after this shot the wind blew the cherry right off the ice cream onto the ground, it was about then I decided enough ice cream pictures...lol!! Well I hope you guys enjoyed my Sunday brunch escapades, but done't go yet I have a surprise for you, just scroll down for more!!


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  1. The pictures you posted of the ice cream are making me hungry! Thanks lol!

  2. Your blog post make me hungry! Love them

  3. All i want now is that soft pretzel! Omgosh the food looks so delicious I'm starving now lol

  4. I love fruity and sweet cocktails too! That Bohemian Raspberry looks amazing! I just watched Bohemian Rhapsody last night! 😂🥰❤️

  5. I love soft pretzels but those are huge!

  6. I too, love my drinks sweet and yummy and the Bohemian Raspberry drink along with all the food looked so delish. What a great place!

  7. Good luck to the lucky winner.... But i wish i could grab that iphone from my screen right now.lol

    Glowyshoe's blog

  8. You have really neat giveaways. Thank you for such great offers😉

  9. Really looks incredible. That brunch :D

  10. Would love this for my grandbratt

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  12. It looks like a wonderful time. My husband and I are past due for a weekend away like this.

  13. Oh my god... The food needs to get in my belly.

  14. Cash any day of the week!

  15. Wow.. The pics of the food look so amazing..

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