Friday, November 24, 2017

Thanksgiving Dinner at Seasons 52

What a Meal!!

Rob and I weren't able to spend Thanksgiving with our families this year so we decided to find a great little spot and eat out, that way we I didn't have to go to all the trouble of cooking. On Wednesday I did a little research to see where the best spots where when I came across a great little spot called Seasons 52 online, it was listed online as one of the top 10 places in my area for Thanksgiving dinner. They have a seasonally inspired menu, so they're always serving food at it's freshest point when it's in season, and we all know that's when it tastes the best. I had also heard from friends and family that they had great food, so we decided to give it a try, boy am I glad we did. I got super lucky that I was able to get a table due to my late reservation, thank goodness they were more than accommodating and found some room for us. We went to the one at Columbia Mall, in Columbia Maryland. Let me start off by saying that from the moment you pull up they take care of you, they offer free valet parking for their customers. What a pleasure that was! When you walk in the door you see the coolest fountain. The whole place has an air of class due to the modern style decor, with just a hint of Asian charm. The lines are all clean with natural stone and rich red hued wood, for me it all set the perfect tone. We were welcomed at the door, and led to a really cute little booth where we sat. 

All of the tables where neatly set and everything looked on point, Rob and I were excited and hungry so we got straight to ordering. We both got the Thanksgiving platters which included roasted turkey (white and dark meat) mashed potatoes, savory pan gravy, and herb stuffing, fresh green beans, housemade cranberry relish, mashed butternut squash, and a delish dessert. The butternut squash was topped with pomegranate seeds and the rest scallions. I also ordered a Cranberry & Sage Cocktail, wow was is good. Our waitress Monica was super helpful, she explained everything on the Thanksgiving menu to us, as it was our first time dinning at Seasons. If you go ask for her, she's a great waitress!! The turkey we ate is called Roasted "Never Ever" Turkey, because it's turkey that has never ever been given antibiotics. I love that because now-a-days it's hard to get clean food that you feel good about eating. Seasons has so many amazing healthy choices that taste absolutely out of this world. Everything on the plate was great, I don't have one complaint. I really liked the turkey and green beans, and the mashed potatoes and gravy.. WOW!! Rob mimicked my every thought, he loved everything as well. Then just when I thought I couldn't eat another bite and it couldn't get any better they brought out the dessert tray. As you can see in the pictures below it was amazing, you guys know me with's the best part of the!

I got the S'mores to the right and Rob got the Pumpkin to the rich and yummy. I also loved that it was just the right size too. 
I can tell you one thing we'll definitely be going back. I can't wait to try everything on the menu. They also have a bar w/a great Happy Hour that I can't wait to go back to check out. Right now they're running a special, if you buy $100 in gift cards you get a $20 bonus card to enjoy the New Year. You'll also receive a 10% bonus gift card when you spend $500 or more. You can't beat that, a Seasons 52 gift card is the perfect gift for friends and family. That's a meal that they'll definitely thank you for. 
(Bonus card valid for use in-resturant starting January 1, 2018 through March 31st, 2018)
We were good and full when we left, and I told Rob how I loved that all throughout the meal they checked on us to make sure all was well and we were happy.
It was the best service and everyone was really nice, I recommend this restaurant 100% and like I said we're for sure going back, when you find a good little spot like this you don't forget it. 
I am really curious to go back and try another one of their signature cocktails. 

I would have to say you aren't to fast at the Black Friday Sales when your tummy is packed full of! We went to Arundle Mills Mall to take advantage of the sales and get a few things. I also wanted to see if I could grab a bag from Kate Spade for my girl Lei. Everything was 75% off, and I managed to get her the most adorable bag for under $70. She's gonna love it!! I also hit up Victoria's Secret (as y'all know) one of my absolute faves. I also dropped in American Eagle Outfitters to grab a couple pair of jeans, 40% off definitely speaks to me. When there's sales like that I just can't resist. I make a metal note of all the stuff I want during the year for sales like these. I scored big at Kate Spade during the Veteran's Day sale, I got the cutest little lavender bag shown above for under $70. When I get a deal like that a girl tends to feel proud of her self. I went into Micheal Kors and after waiting 15 mins in line just to get into the store, I did a little looking around and found a really cute bag for $80. Then I got a look at the line to check out and decided I wasn't going to wait. Now you guys know how much I love MK, and that it had to be dam bad for me NOT TO BUY that!! I had to wait in line to get into Kate Spade too, but they had 5 cashiers so the line moved super fast. WOW was that mall packed full of people, we also stopped at Best Buy to get one pf those flat screen televisions to replace the security monitors, but they were all gone after 30 minutes. Oh well guess we weren't fast enough, I'm just glad it was an uneventful trip because I'm exhausted from all the eating and shopping. 

I can't wait to share all of my new finds with you guys, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and ate like kings and queens. It's been a tough year for me due to loss. Hashem took my Nunah but in turn he gave me my little Piper. He has also given me so so much to be thankful for like the amazing friends I have, and the huge and quite fantastic family I have. Then there's Rob my other half, I couldn't ask for a better man and partner in crime. We make an awesome team, it's so crazy to think how far we've come as a pair. He's always there to encourage me in anything I want to do, no matter how stupid or oddball he's always got my back. I'm thankful for our beautiful home and the great life we have created....I have to say at this point there's no-one else I'd rather be than me. I am so content it scares me. Well Piper is out like a light sound asleep on my lap as I sit here in the computer room at 2am blogging away. I guess I better take myself to bed, keep a lookout on 
(My Instagram Page) for upcoming shots of dinner and the great stuff I scored at the sale today. 

Enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving Holiday Everyone!!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Meet Piper The Pin!

Piper The Pin's Official Introduction!

 Hello all, Dana here and I want to officially introduce you to my new little sidnekick Piper the Pin! She’s a minpin just like Nunah, but she’s red instead of black. We drove 9.5hrs (4&1/4 each way) to pick her up from Washington Pennsylvania. We got her from a breeder named Nancy, she was very nice and sent me picture updates of Piper on a bi weekly basis via email all the way up until the week before we were set to pick her up. She was one of only two little female pups. Her sister was a real pistol, her name is Lily. We were very excited to finally be going to get her because of the many weeks waited for her to reach 12 weeks old so she could leave her mother and come home with us. We also got to get a gander at her father, and wow was he gorgeous. I have to say Nunah and Piper differ in a many ways, one being Nunah was of the bigger size, Piper is a toy so her max weight will be 8lbs, instead of Noons max weight of 15lbs. My noodle was a little chubster but as I always say, it was just more of her to love ❤️..I miss Noon terribly!! I know I’ll never replace her, and I’ll forever have her in my heart. We got Piper to fill that empty spot in our home that Noon filled. I have to say though Piper is so crazy full of energy and doesn’t sit still for a minute, she keeps my mind more than occupied so that I don’t have a second to think otherwise. Once we got her home we rolled up all of the oriental rugs from the living room and dining room, then we just put them in the garage. Then we got a puppy play-pen and placed it in the center of the two rooms, and lined the hardwood floors with pee pads. It’s great because she already knows to make on the pads, not the floor.

She does do funny things like look down at the paper with her tiny hiney hanging off the edge so she goes on the, it’s so funny but at least I know she’s trying. We also go two baby gates to block the top of the steps and balcony railings. We have a split foyer so there’s an over hang at the top right side of the steps on the second floor, and that had to be covered so she wouldn’t have a fall risk. Then we had to puppy-proof the doggy door and ramp so she can go outside on her own to make once she gets a little bigger. Rob made the spaces in the fence border smaller so she can’t squeeze through, and also built a little wall on the one side of the ramp that leads from the porch down into the fenced in yard.  It to was a fall risk and I definitely didn’t want her falling off the ramp or porch. She is so dam tiny (only 3.2lbs) and her little legs are so small that she could hurt them very easily. When we went to pick her up Rob and I literally looked at one another with a surprised face when we saw how dam small she was. 

The other side of the ramp is up against the wall of the house, that way she can run up and down safely. She even got the hang of coming in and out of the dog house and doggy door. She so smart for a 12 month old, she already fetches toys and she has this little walking thing that she loves to do, she pops up on her two hind legs and just walks across the floor. She has great balance really good concentration for her age, so I’m hoping to teach her some fun and cool tricks. I was thinking about taking her to some training classes and seeing how that goes, I definitely plan on training her to be a service dog like Noon was. I can’t wait to share our life together and all of the fantastic adventures we go on. We have some fun photo shoots and adventures planned, not to mention some super cute mommy and me looks, y’all are gonna love it. If there’s anything that you would love to see us do, or a place you’d love to see us go feel free to share it below in the comments, we would love to know what you want to see!! 
Have a wonderful weekend and thanks so much for allowing us to share it I lives with you!! 💋

So so tiny my thumb is bigger than her little paw!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, sorry I have been a bit MIA things have been crazy busy here with work, our new little fur baby and life in general. I have some great new posts and giveaways coming up here and on Instagram so keep an eye out.

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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Fighting the Signs of Aging!

Lancome & Estee Lauder 
Saves the Day!

Lancome & Estee Lauder have been constants in my beauty routine, they make up 90% of the daily products I use for no better reason than they make quality products. I am a member of a great site called Octoly, how it works is they have all kinds of beauty items from all kinds of companies. You go through their free store and find the things you like and want to try, then you apply for them. The brand will read over your application and look at your account to see if it's a good fit. Once the brand approves you, Octoly sends you the item in the mail, 100% free of charge. The only thing you have to do in return is post about the product and add the required tags and hashtags. I have literally fallen in love with Octoly because it's my way if trying the items I have had my eye on for free, and you definitely can't beat free. If you'd like to sign up for Octoly just go here and sign up. 
->JOIN OCTOLY HERE!!<- You have to have a following of 10k or more on Instagram, or 1k or more on Youtube to join. if you need any help or have any questions just let me know. My most recent order from Octoly was a total of 4 fantastic products that I have been wanting to try for some time now. As shown above the Lancome Energie De Vie, which is an exfoliant mask. To the left is the Resilience Lift by Estee Lauder. I'm sure most of you know I just turned 40 years old on the 5th of October, so I'm taking proactive approach and starting now to stay a step ahead of the signs of aging...boooo to wrinkles lol! I used each product for little over 10 days and got great results from each. 

First let's start off with the Energie De Vie, it was my favorite of all the products because its a 2-in-1 exfoliating mask that both hydrates and exfoliates the skin in under 5 minutes for purified, smooth, glowing skin that feels amazing. If you have an on-the-go lifestyle like me than you know that stress, lack of sleep, fatigue, pollution, exposure to the sun and just the excesses of daily life can effect or alter the skin, giving it a dull, rough, and dry appearance. Let me tell you this mask has become the answer to my skin problems, especially since I don't wear a lot of makeup and love to go with the minimal approach. I like to look natural and you have to be confident in your skin to pull this off, not to mention have an even completion and fresh moisturized appearance. With this Lancome mask I get that skin confidence, so it's a win-win and definitely now a part of my regular beauty routine. It has these great little jojoba pearls with hydrating glycerin and lemon peel which will not only hydrate your skin, it also reduced the appearance of pores and gives your skin a more refined look. I definitely am adding this to my recommendation list, because it works just as it says and it's at great price point of around $55 on the Lancome website (Energie De Vie Exfoliating Mask).

Next up is the Resilience Lift Creme by Estee Lauder, another amazing product. This is a creme that firms the face and neck, it also has an SPF. It not only firms and sculpts your skin to give a younger and fresher appearance, it's also for normal to combination skin. The creme itself helps with lifting, contouring, loss of firmness or tone, lines, wrinkles, dullness or loss of radiance. The creme itself is rich and silky, not to mention is smells so so good. In the short period of time I've been using it I have definitely seen results, so I'm looking forward to what the long term effects will be. This also runs around $55 from Estee Lauder direct (Resilience Lift) and it's another item I wholeheartedly recommend. If I wouldn't spend my money on a product I definitely wouldn't recommend you do it, but these I give both thumbs up. 

Next up is the Advanced Night Repair by Estee Lauder, OMGoodness it's like gold in a bottle!! I will always have some of this in my cabinet, I especially love it because I put it on at night right before I go to bed, that way I can wake up to amazing skin. It addresses all of the key signs of aging with exclusive Chronolux CB Technology, for more comprehensive and precise nighttime repair. It also promotes a natural nighttime purification process, vital to younger-looking skin. Tested and proven: Lines and wrinkles look significantly reduced. Skin feels smoother, hydrated, stronger. Looks younger, radiant, more translucent and even toned. Proven effective for every ethnicity. This one prices for around $65 direct from Estee Lauder, (Advanced Night Repair) No application is easier... put it on and go to! 
I'm always down with some sleep, I mean who doesn't love to catch some zzz's. This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase beauty!!

Last but definitely not least I got the Teint Idole Ultra Makeup Stick, it's the black tube to the far right. In the middle is my foundation, and as you can see they're a match. I love how these three products work together to give me a flawless complexion, that's even and on point. I only put on a small amount as not to have cake looking skin, I feel a lot of makeup takes away from your beauty. I think makeup is better when used as a way to accent your features, not to re create them. The compact is highlighter, I love the way it looks with the stick and liquid foundation. I have found after trying so many different cover ups, this particular line and shade match my skin tone to perfection. 
From left to right
Teint Idole Ultra Makeup Stick is $42 
Teint Miracle Foundation is $47
Dual Finish Highlighter is $40 

I would say all in all these four products from my most recent Octoly Haul are amazing!! I give each one my official seal of approval, they're for sure worth every penny. For my next beauty post I'll be introducing some more of my favorite Lancome Makeup products, also keep an eye on my Instagram page for upcoming giveaways. You can get chances to win a brand new iPhone 8, Instax Cameras, and lots of amazing beauty/makeup products!!

Have a wonderful weekend !!!
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Sunday, September 24, 2017

New York Fashion Week!!

New York Fashion Week 
For the First Time!!

I have to say that my first New York Fashion Week was outta this world. It started off super early, Rob and I decided to take the Amtrak train down instead of drive because the hotel offered no free parking and we didn't wait to pay $50 a day plus the hundreds in tolls and gas to drive up and back. Especially when we could just lay back and ride the train, but we had to get up and get there early. We also had to take the subway to downtown, then walk 3 blocks to the train station. Normally this is no big deal, but at 6 am with a bunch of suitcases it was a bit annoying, then add the can of soda Rob put in the carry all breaking and making a mess, it got really! Thank goodness I put everything in plastic shopping bags, then put it all in the bag, so nothing got wet. I was pleasantly surprised with the Amtrak ride because it was quick clean and on time, you can't ask for any better than that. Plus it cost less than all of the tolls, gas and parking that I would have paid for had I drove the car. I know I'll definitely be using Amtrak in February when I go back, and save myself a lot of aggravation and money. 

Once we arrived at Penn Station in New York around 10:30am, we met up with Lei (@Petite.sole) right away, she arrived an hour or two before we did so she was already waiting for us. She's a really good friend of mine, and an all around awesome chic. We have been friends on Instagram for some time and had never actually met in person, but the weird thing is when we finally did I felt like I had know the girl forever, same thing with Johanna (@Love2bcouture). Some people you just have a connection with no matter what. Once we found Lei we went to have breakfast at this little corner spot called the Tick Tock Diner so we could sit down, eat something, and form a game plan. Especially since we couldn't check into our hotel until 1pm. Turns out the hotel Rob and I got was the Hilton Garden Inn but it was in Jamaica/Queens, which is a super long commute. Lei was supposed to be sharing a room in Manhattan with another girl, but last minute she couldn't make it so we decided to bunk with her at the Manhattan Club. That way she wasn't stuck by herself and we could all hang out, go out to eat, and go to shows together. I didn't want her to be stuck in NYC by herself, plus we had our first show at 6pm and there was no way Rob and I were going to ride the subway up and back to Queens, 45mins each way, and get back in time. Then we would have to of taken the subway back to the room for the night and I did't want to do that at 11:30pm....not in NYC...No Thanks...LOL! Once we decided on a plan and ate we headed to the hotel, dropped off all the luggage, took showers, hung and rested for a bit then headed off to the #Maarkah show.

 I really enjoyed it because it was a handful of fantastic designers from all over the world, and the looks were beautiful. The show was produced by Runway Prestige NYC and Maarkah. At first we were in the back row, but last minute just before the show started we were moved (Lei, Rob and I) to the front seats to fill some reserved spots for people that never showed. I was elated because now I had a front row seat. I was literally right there on the runway, so I was able to capture some fab shots of the show and the audience, and as you can see everyone looked show worthy.

I would have to say of all the amazing styles and looks that I saw, these really stood out. The bottom far left look was my favorite item on the runway from the whole show. It was so pretty and wow was it interesting, I just love the way it looks like a dress and then the bottom hem is almost like pants, so unique and beautiful. I also would say that my favorite all around designer was OhhLaLa, the bottom far right image is one of her looks. If you check out the videos on my Instagram page >HERE!!< you'll see all of them. The whole line that they put out was fresh, young, and so adorable, I really loved the all around style and feel. It's definitely a style I would love to see myself in. They said that they were going to be doing another bigger and better show next year but I'm more than hoping they invite us back, I can't wait to see what Maarkah and Runway Prestige  come up with. 

We met bloggers, and photographers, models and even met Summer Preistler, aka Miss United States. She was very sweet by the way, she took a selfie with Lei and I, as shown above. Once the show was over we went out to eat dinner at this Thai restaurant across the street from the hotel. We ate pineapple fried rice and turned in for the night. After a day of planes and trains we were all exhausted. when we woke up on the 12th we started getting our plans together, Jessica (@a_jess_state_of_mind) another IG blogger friend and Johanna (@Love2bcouture) met up with us at a cute little Jewish restaurant called Sadelle's for brunch. We all sat and talked for hours, what great time we had, and the funny part was Rob was the only guy all weekend. He was at a table full of women, and I'm pleased to say he did awesome and got along with everyone. I even thought it would be a bit awkward with us staying in a room with Lei but it wasn't, and that I'm so so happy about. We had omelettes, bagels and matzo ball soup. Which was friggin awesome by the way, so if you love it definitely try it at this little spot. The only thing that drove me crazy about New York was the fact that every time I ordered a soda I got this tiny little bottle that was all of about 5 swallows for $5..ahhhhhh!! It drive me crazy the whole time I was is it about a regular sized soda?!!

I have a confession to make, just before breakfast we hit up Black Tap and had a freakshake...yeah I know it's a bit backwards but we had planned to eat there too, but we didn't know they only served burgers so we got the milkshakes first, then we all walked from Black Tap to Sadelle's. Let me tell you once you see this milkshake you're gonna freak...hence the name Freakshake!!

 Wasn't I right??
The one Rob and I got was called Cotton Candy, and was topped with lots of cotton candy, two rock candies, and a big pink lollipop. Then the glass rim was lined with really thick icing and candy covered chocolate candies. The milkshake itself was strawberry flavored. 
The one Lei and Jessica got was called Birthday Cake, and was literally topped with a huge piece of birthday cake, lots of sprinkles and whipped cream. The glass was rimmed with vanilla icing and rainbow colored sprinkles. The milkshake itself was birthday cake flavored too. Let's just say for once I found something that was too sweet for me, but between Rob and myself we finished it. 

Once we were all finished eating and hanging out we sadly had to go our separate ways, but we made sure to take a picture first to keep the memory. Even though I talk to these girls almost every day it sucks that we all live in different states and so far apart because I definitely would love to be able to hang out with them, meet up for lunch or coffee, and go on shopping trips. It's just crazy how we all have so much in common, it's truly awesome how Instagram brought us all together. 
I live in Baltimore MD, Lei lives in Boston, Massachusetts well she did, she recently moved but she's still far as heck away. Jessica lives in Florida and Johanna lives in NYC, but at leaste we'll always have New York Fashion!!

By this time I was flipping because I hadn't gone to the Hilton where we were supposed to have stayed. See back on the 6th when I was doing my shopping for NYFW I bought a cute pink blazer from JCrew, and the woman at the counter told me I would have it by the time I left for NYC which was the 11th. When it hadn't arrived to my house by the 10th, I called and found out that the woman at the store was so off. Had she told me, I would have paid to get it send next day, because that was my outfit for the 12th. Long story short after talking to Jcrew customer service they said they would next day it to the Hilton so I would have it to wear on the 12th. So I called to see if it had arrived yet so I could get it dropped off at the Manhattan Club. OMGoodness they told me that it was delivered to a residential address, and someone named Karen had signed for it. I was beyond mad...still no blazer. Someone named Kathy was up a 150$ blazer, and meanwhile I told Jcrew I have nothing to wear for my next fashion show. Well it turned out they couldn't get it to me in NYC so they said they would refund me, and send me one for free to my house. Ok that's fine and dandy but what am I going to wear?? Thank goodness Lei and I were able to walk to Time Square the morning of the 12th, where we found and H&M and I got a cute little white button up top. I wore it with a pair of black leggings and riding boots to the Eva Longoria show. 

After all the blazer/Jcrew craziness and lunch we headed back to the hotel for a little R&R, then we went out to dinner at Restaurant Row, where we found a great little Italian spot. The food was really good, all three of us agreed on that. I got a chicken dish with peppers and onions in a diced tomato sauce. it was delicious. I also ordered a side dish of angel hair pasta, it made the chicken taste even better. It was very moist and cooked to perfection. Rob got a big bowl minestrone soup, I tried some and it to was really good. If I'm not mistaken Lei got a chicken dish as well, and she also loved it! Let's just say we all left full and super happy.

After we left dinner we headed back to the hotel to shed the dress shoes and clothes, for comfy Toms and Reebok classics, then we headed up to this cute little restaurant/bar to and met up with Melissa, a friend of Lei's (also an IG blogger) and thank goodness for Rob her husband came with her, so Rob had another guy to converse with. We all had some drinks, ate, sat and talked for almost 4 hours, the time just seemed to fly by. Like I was saying before, I have so much in common with these ladies, it's awesome to be able to talk to people that do and love what you do. The last day we woke up early because the Eva Longoria show was at 11am, and we had to walk many many blocks. The show was put together by Fashion 360 Magazine, and it was a fantastic set up. They had all kinds of great sponsors like ChapStix, KIA, Coca Cola and more! Rob and I took a picture on the red carpet, 

and we schmyed around until they called for us to take our seats. Once we got in and the show started  it was definitely full of people, I wish I would have gotten there sooner so I could have gotten better seats so I could have took some nice video and pictures. Hopefully next year, I can say that I loved the looks that came out. I can't wait to take a peek at her website to see more. The last look was a beautiful and flowy powder blue dress, very very nice. I think I just might have to go and get one for myself. 

After the show we all decided to go to the Brooklyn Bridge to take some pictures and grab lunch. I have to say I put some serious miles on my feet in NYC. Plus riding boots may not have been the best choice to go explore in, and wow it got to an uncomfotably warm temperature. After the crazy traffic we made it to the Manhattan side and proceeded to walk across to the Brooklyn side. 
Lei and I also got some really cute shots, like the first one at the beginning of the post. There were so many people walking, skating and bicycling across the bridge. It was an amazing structure, and wow so long. Once we finally made it to the Brooklyn side we were pretty hot and hungry so we stopped in this little Chinese restaurant, wow was the food good. Not to mention they gave me a regular sized soda, I was super happy to say the least. Also because it was Brooklyn and not Manhattan, the pricing was normal and not crazy expensive.  

 We enjoyed the AC and grabbed a yummy Godiva soft serve in Time Square on the way back. There's no better way to end a trip on a good note than with ice cream. 

(When you realize that you and your homegirl are twinning and it's completely not planned!!)

Sadly the trip had come to an end so we went back to the hotel where they were holding our luggage and headed to the train station and airport. Even though I was sad to leave Lei, it was an awesome trip that I'll never forget, and we made plans to do it again in February, we're definitely going again. Hopefully this time now that I have a head start I can get some tickets to big designer shows and get sponsored for the trip. I hope to make my 2nd trip to NYFW more than amazing. Also Lei is going to bring her hubby, so Rob won't feel so outnumbered. I hope to stay 5 days next time....that's the plan at least. 
Have you ever been to NYFW, and if so what shows did you see??
Have a Wonderful Weekend Dolls
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Friday, September 8, 2017

Bath Bombs Rock!

This post is sponsored by Alemsa Life Organic Bath Bombs and the opinions/experiences are 100% my own.

Alemsa Bath Bombs!!

I received some organic bath bombs from a company called Alemsa Life, and boy am I glad I did. From the minute I took the box out, a fantastic smell filled my nose, as well as the air. The packaging as you can see in the above and below images, is gorgeous and would be perfect for a gift. 
There are 6 lovely scents!!
Lilac, Jasmine, Lavender, Chamomile, Mint, and, Rose. 
I would have to say so far Rose is my favorite, but I have only used 3 thus far, and can see me absolutely loving every scent. Also ineluded was the softest little washcloth, and from being in the box with the bath bombs, it too smelled amazing. The day I got the bombs I was super worn out from a very long week of work and anxiety, so I decided to run myself a bath as hot as I could stand it, and have a super relaxation session. I turned on some good music, dropped in some rose petals and the rose bath bomb. Then I lit a candle and just soaked until the water started to get cold, and my fingers got all!! 

The great thing about these bath bombs is they give your skin a beautiful scent, so that when you get out you have a perfume about you, and who doesn't want to smell like roses. 
Plus I find that when I have had a long and exhausting day, the kind that make you sore and achy all over, a soak like this definitely helps you to wind down and get some good rest. For me to help the achy feeling the hotter the better, I try to literally make it as hot as I can stand it. See when we got the bathroom remodeled we thought of getting a jet soaker, but the hall bathroom was 2 inches to small so I couldn't get it....darn it!! I regret not fighting for that extra two inches, because Rob has serious back issues and I feel like that jet tub really would have helped him. Now I have to admit I have always been a good sleeper, that's one thing I've never had issues with, but Rob on the other hand is not. If something wakes him up it's a wrap, he can't go back to sleep for the rest of the night, or he wakes up at 5-5:30 am. I'm always telling him to take a super hot bath, why is it men never! He did love the hot tub, when we went on vacation he got in the one at the hotel, and he said it helped so so much. So that goes to show yah that the hot water definitely does help. 

 I couldn't coax him into enjoying a bath bomb but I sure did,
and just after I was right off to sleep, and smelling like! Definitely get yourself some Alemsa Life Organic Bath Bombs, you're gonna love the way they make your skin smell and feel. 
Well I'm leaving for New York Fashion Week in 2 days and am so super excited, let the count down begin!! Rob got two super sharp suits, wow do they look good on him. I got all three of my looks...yes I FINALLY got my NYFW shopping done, I stayed away from heels though only because I tower over Rob due to him only being 1 inch taller than me. Plus I'll be doing a lot of hoofin' it in New York City, so heels may not be the best idea. I got a pair of Coach flats and I'll wear my black and camel riding boots the other two nights. For the first time in so so long I have butterflies in my stomach about something, because I know it's going to be amazing. Plus I'm meeting up with a few good blogger friends of mine that I have been talking to for what seems like forever, and I'm super eager to meet them in person. Johanna, Lei, Jessica, and a couple others...See yah soon gals!! 
I can't wait to share the shows with you guys, keep an eye on my Instagram page and Insta Stories, I'll be giving a birdseye view into Rob and I's daily adventures. 
Have a Wonderful Weekend!!

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