Saturday, November 23, 2019

Staying healthy with Piper and Freshpet

Thank you for sponsoring this post Freshpet, all experiences and opinions are mine and mine alone. 

Let's Get Fit!!

 Ever since my birthday last year I have been making a serious effort to get and remain healthy, by making better choices for Piper and I, such as exercising on a daily basis, eating better, higher quality, healthier foods. Avoiding heavily processed foods and sodium are on the list as well. All of the garbage that's bad for our bodies I have been avoiding as much as possible.
The first and most important part of our daily routine would be exercise, this get's the heart pumping and which is very important to keep it strong and functioning properly. I live right up the street from a a huge 1/4 mile track at Randallstown High School high school, we go there 3 days a week and walk 2 miles. On top of this in the morning and evening I take walks with Piper in our neighborhood.  My friend and neighbor along with her dog walk with us and because of this I've learned something very important about daily exercise, when you have a partner to do it with, you are much more successful at it because you have someone else to keep you company and to talk to. This keeps me from getting bored which is the number one reason I would stop my daily routines in the past. We usually meet up in the warmer months of the year bright and early at 6am (to beat the heat), and we walk for around one hour. Then when the colder months set in, let's say from November until April my friend and her pup go to Florida, so with my (talking) walking partner gone and the cold weather as a deterrent I have to really get my determination on point. It's at this point that Piper being my only walking partner becomes much more important. I know how much she loves her walks and when she's happy I'm happy, so that keeps me from missing days. I wait until the sun is fully up around 8 or 9 am we get bundle up and get moving. Plus I do much better when it's just her and I because we walk faster, she always pushes me to keep it moving due to her literally being the energizer bunny. She walks super fast and never runs out of energy, so it's also very important that I feed her the best quality food with the right ingredients to fuel her little active self.

What a task that was because Piper can be really picky when it comes to her food. I had a real task of finding not only something that was made of quality ingredients to give her the energy she needs, it also had to taste good enough to where she would eat it. After doing some research I came across Freshpet dog food, I love it because it's made with all natural ingredients, no preservatives or additives, and it's refrigerator stored so it's fresh and full of protein. I know I'm very particular about what I put in my body and I'm the same with what Piper's is eating as well, even better she absolutely loves it. Her favorite is the multi-protein complete meal, it's full of chicken, beef, egg, salmon and veggies. They have all types of different recipes and choices for you to choose from, that way you can get the food that's right for your dog or cat. Yup that's right they make both dog and cat food. Check out their website "Freshpet" for more info on this amazing brand, if your pup is anything like Piper he or she will absolutely love it because it's real food, not some dried up ingredients that have been sitting on the shelf for who knows how long. Freshpet is just what Piper needs to stay fueled up for our more than active lifestyle. It's the changes that I have made for us both that will keep us healthy and living long and happy lives together. I've given up soda and sugary candy, in tandem with the daily activity I have lost 30 pounds which is for sure a win-win because being overweight is super unhealthy for both of us because in older age it will open you up to a lot more ominous and not so good ailments. I also read that by adding a vigorous fifteen minute walk to your daily routine can add years to your life, in the grand scheme of things that's a small price to pay. 

I have also been wanting to work some type of gym routine in to perhaps tone up my body after loosing the weight. I have also been swapping out snacks like cookies and junk food for things like apples, granola bars and fresh veggies with some light dressing. When it comes to Piper's snack I did the same thing, I found out that Freshet has fresh meat treats and chews of all kinds and there are many different flavors. Piper loves the Dog Joy Wood Smoked Turkey Bacon, she literally does a little dance when she sees me with the bag. Nothing makes me smile more than seeing her so thrilled about what she's eating, especially because I know it's not full of a bunch of junk like the other brands. Did I mention they have an amazing price point as well, yeah it doesn't get any better then Freshpet. They are also conveniently located in many stores, just check out the "Store Locater" on their website to find a store near you that sells Freshpet
Trust me your pup will definitely thank you for the deliciousness.


  1. I finally have a dog that is not picky but I am unable to exercise much with him. I can't keep up

    1. Yeah they can be little balls of energy for sure, I fight to keep up with Piper ����

  2. i have gotten much healthier since adopting my sweet dog!

  3. Good for you! Our fur babies need to eat right too. My guy and I were just talking about how we need to start buying healthier food for our cat.

    1. It’s very important so we have them here with us as long as possible. I wish they were here with us on this planet for more time, it’s amazing how special they become

  4. Its true what you mention about dog owners living more healthy than non dog owners - I think the reason is the need to play and walk your dog daily, and also the general wellbeing that you get from having a pet to look after.

    1. I couldn’t agree more!!
      They also say we are much calmer and less likely to have heart disease.

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    1. Awhhh thanks so much, I really appreciate your kind words.

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