Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Pumpking Patch Perfection & A #GIVEAWAY!

Fall Vibes Rock!

We had an amazing time at Laugher's Orchard last week, it was so full of fun things to eat, pick and see...not to mention pet! It's a huge orchard/farm not far from my house in Westminster Md, they grow every kind of fruit and vegetable you can think of, then they have different times of the year that you can come and pick them. Peaches, apples, pumpkins, berries, and much much more. Now that I know about it I definitely plan to come back next summer and enjoy their fresh strawberries and apples, yummy peaches and blackberries. They also have a little country store like atmosphere where you can buy fresh fruit already picked, fresh apple pies, homemade ice cream and so much more. Along with huge posts of beautiful mums, and halloween decor.

They also have a tiny little petting zoo area, when we walked in the gate all of the animals ...billy goats, turkeys, sheep, pheasants and a donkey all came jogging across the yard to say hello. The video of this is posted on Piper's account on Instagram -> (HERE!) They all loved sniffing Piper curiously, and wow were they all so cute and friendly. The one jumped up to get a better look at Piper and myself as you can see below. 

They billy goats where the coolest, they just loved Piper and the idea of another little furry creature in their midst, they came up and sniffed noses with her over and over. I also grabbed some of their feed from the grate and fed them for quite some time. All in all it was an amazing and super fun experience and I really loved that its only a half hour from my house. I can definitely see us making many more trips to Laugher's in the future. Even the Turkey was cool, he flew up next to us and just checked us out, animals are so cool. It always makes me smile when I see how excited Piper gets to interact with them, and because she's only 1 year old she's still much like a puppy. 

Therefore she's always getting into some kind of trouble, as you can see below she was insanely interested in seeing what the mums where all about. She sniffed them and she ate them...lol!! This is her way to check out everything, she reminds me much of a baby. I'm so glad that the rain held out but the cold surely didn't, I'm sure as you can tell by my outfit it was chilly as heck. I know when I have to pull out the North Face Fleece the cold weather has definitely set in, add a pair of Uggs and some jeggings and you have my winter uniform. I love the soft and comfy feel of winter fashion, it's by far my favorite seasonal wear, people think I'm crazy when I say fall and winter is my favorite but thats for many good reasons. A. No sweating like crazy, the heat kills me, I'm definitely not made for it. B. I love hot cocoa and comfy sweaters, boots, hats and scarves. C. I love snow and the holidays. Trust me I could go on forever, but you guys get the idea. 
I'm curious what's your favorite season??

Well I hope you guys enjoyed my little Pumpkin Patch Fun, I always love sharing these great outings with you. I have an amazing trip coming up in a couple weeks, it's all about a Weekend Getaway Trip to Virginia. It will include a beautiful Hotel & Spa, a stunning Winery, and lots of local charm and fun. It a fun and affordable trip that I think y'all will absolutely love. In the meantime have a wonderful week and don't forget to




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  1. Definitely getting lots of fall fibes from this. I like going to the pumpkin patch.

  2. You are rockin' the Fall look! I love it when I can wear my Uggs again.

  3. I am Michael Jackson the second,needs a Iphone ,i am in Africa Kenya a refugee,need it for school.

  4. Pick me I advocate against animal cruelty we are the voice for the voiceless. I deserve a good phone with all the networking I do.

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  6. Unknown said...
    So much fun. I loved your fall adventure and Piper is adorable!! If I'm ever in the area, I'm definitely making a visit to Laugher's Orchard for some of the wonderful fresh fruit and veggies and everything else.

  7. Would love 600 pound for getting things for Christmas :)

  8. The $600 PayPal cash.

  9. 1
    I Want that phone because because from tomorrow this phone will not work
    ****** nice pumpkin

  10. I'd go for the cash with Christmas coming up.

  11. I want money cause my mam sick 😪😷😷👷💊💉 plsss i really need money

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  14. I'd love the iPhone for my daughter

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  16. I love pumpkin, thank you so much for this blog. I love reading your blog more more more please. Honestly i love that farm that goats so amazing hehe

  17. I would go for the 700$. I’m fine with my phone and clothes and bags are not my priority atm but money is. I have 4 siblings so my parents had and actually still have a really hard time paying our school bills and home bills too. I’m saving money to study and to live on my own, I’m the last one going to college starting next schoolyear. I sometimes do some little jobs here and there but it doesn’t really help, espacially because I have to financially help out my parents a little bit, wich I do with love. I’m really looking forward to that new chapter in my life but I really need some money to realise that.

  18. เงินไม่สำคัญ สำหรับผม ที่สำคัญที่สุด ก็คือ..ความจริงใจ

  19. iPhone please coz I do not have experience iPhone ��

  20. Thank you for offering this giveaway. I'd be happy to win either gift available. This time of year is extra hard financially and I live far across the country from my family. Happy Thanksgiving! :) <3

  21. Was trying to reply o your post above lol ... Piper is super cute and love those pumpkins and the goats too.