Friday, September 14, 2018

My Rainy Trip to NYC & A GIVEAWAY!!!

I was so bummed that it just did not stop raining from the second we left for NYC, right up until the second we came home. We did get a couple hours of dry weather on the last day, so we rushed to Dumbo Brooklyn to get some of the oh-so-iconic Dumbo Brooklyn Bridge shots. I can see why so many people flock there, it's an amazing view that makes the bridge seem so massive and beautiful. As you can see in the shots the tippy top is tucked up into the foggy rain clouds, and the sky was thick and gray. I definitely plan to return on a beautiful sunny day so the colors pop and the pictures are much more crisp and clear. Light is the one thing that can seriously make or break a shot, and in this case I had!

I just had to share the below shot, I saw this on the corner just up the street from the bridge, I thought it went perfectly with my shoes. As most of you that follow me on Instagram know they're my absolute faves. We also stopped into a great little spot called Vida Verde where I met up with some friends Erin and Christina. Erin is the brunette and Christina is the blonde, we all sat down for some more than delish food, I had some sliders that were just out of this world. They were made up of ground brisket and short rib, omg they were so tasty. I can't believe I ate all three of them, yah know how you continue to eat it even after your full because it tastes so darn good. This was definitely one of those situations. They were so cute as was the restaurant, fun and colorful. You know I had to get in a photo op, and what better chance to show off my new Kate Spade bag and Gucci sunnies. 

All in all we didn't let the rain get us down, yes it made exploring the city a little more difficult but oh well wish happens. I did mange to find some more than amazing ice cream cone spots, keep an eye out for this week's Dessert Diva post on Instagram. For those of you that don't know, I post a delish sweet treat every Saturday. During the warmer months I do ice-cream cones, and boy did I find some great spots in NYC. There are so many cool places that I more than wish we had here in Baltimore or eve DC. 

Ohhhhh BIG NEWS!
I have another #GIVEAWAY for you guys!!



~Yes it’s time for another out of this world 🌎 giveaway!~ 
I have teamed up with 12 other amazing Instagram bloggers to give one person 1 of 3 amazing prizes!!

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  1. I'm sorry that it rained while you were there, but the photos are gorgeous!

  2. Come back to new York in October. No rain and a nice crisp day.

  3. I want your shoes!!! Thjose are so pretty!

  4. Looks like you made the most of a rainy trip .

  5. Rainy days are no fun for outside travel, but you pushed past it for sure.

  6. Looks like you had great fun and didn't let the rain stop you!