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$500 Back to School GIVEAWAY!!


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Friday, July 13, 2018

Baltimore's Best!!

Welcome to my Baltimore Faves!

I have been living in Baltimore my whole life, and even now I still find new spots to eat, fun places to go and things to do every day. I promised you a tour of my favorite local spots so here she is....ENJOY my beautiful city! Baltimore is ever changing in so many good ways. The number one spot to see is the Baltimore Inner Harbor, with all of the updates and changes it really has morphed into a beautiful place. We'll start off with the mall, there is 3 levels of A+ shopping at the Gallery, it includes stores like Victoria's Secret, Forever21, Pandora, Starbucks, the Gap, Foot Locker, Aldo, and The Sunglass Hut, just to name a few. 

Then if you cross the street to Harborplace there are a couple more larger sections of restaurants and stores that wrap around the actual harbor where there are boats, docks, and even a submarine. Each are available to board and explore. We also have the Aquarium and the Trade Center where you can see the 911 memorial. Some of the restaurants include Hard Rock Cafe, Bubba Gump Shrimp, The Rusty Scupper and one of my personal favorites McCormick & Schmicks. We stopped in the other day for dinner and were more than impressed, I was surprised that it was our first time eating there. To start off we ordered a wedge salad with blue cheese, I also ordered a strawberry basil smash, it's such a good cocktail. When I order it I always say to make it sweet, it has a strawberry lemonade flavor. For our entrees I ordered the garlic beef medallions, with roasted red pepper mashed potatoes and broccoli. Rob ordered the salmon platter, it came atop a beet and onion mixture of some kind. I didn't pay to much attention to it because I'm so not enthused by beets. 

I absolutely loved the beef medallions, I could have cut them with a butter knife it was so tender, not to mention the drink was out of this world, hence the reason I had two. Rob also raved about his plate, he told me the salmon was cooked to perfection and full of flavor. We will be eating there again for sure. If you are more interested in breakfast you can go just a bit down the road to Miss Shirley's, it's an iconic Baltimore spot known for their amazing breakfast/brunch menu. I had the southwest omelette last time I was there, it's beyond fantastic and more than enough for the price. We also like a place called Tagliata, it's an Italian restaurant just a few blocks away as you get into Little Italy. The food there tastes amazing and the restaurant is absolutely stunning. At Tagliata I always order the chicken marsala, with a side of spaghetti, and we side it with the pea soup. I know you're thinking ugh pea soup, but I promise you this will be the best you have ever had. They also give you fresh bread and in house parmesan cheese by the chunk, it's the real deal when it comes to authentic Italian food, and they are all at a good price point so they're more than affordable. 

If you are in the mood for a couple drinks and some fun company with a view, you definitely have to check out the SkyBar, it's a fun little rooftop bar that gives you an entire view of downtown Baltimore. The staff is so nice and welcoming, and the drinks are fantastic. It's the coolest laid back atmosphere, I love that it's very chill and they serve some food as well. It's more like bar food such as pizza, hot dogs, nachos and tacos, the perfect tipsy munchies as I call them. Now you guys know I'm an ice-cream enthusiest so of course I have an amazing ice-cream spot to share. It's called Bmore Licks and it's beyond amazing, they have so many soft serve flavors unlike the usual and 
oh-so-boring vanilla and chocolate, or don't let me forget the chocolate and vanilla swirl. They also have a ton of unique hard scoop ice cream flavors, I love going there because they give me so many choices and options to make the Insta-worthy cones you see on my Instagram feed every Saturday.

The second cone shot down with the blue soft serve was a cotton candy flavor as was the cone, wow is all I can say. there was even choices for Pip. They have a yummy pup sundae with vanilla ice cream, and 2 milk bones treats. Needless to say Piper ate it in two seconds flat, I'm guessing because it was good and 95 degrees out...she ate it so fast that I was wondering if she got a brain freeze....lol!! I could talk about ice-cream all day but there's more to show you!! Lastly let's talk about a hotel, being a blogger I have stayed in many all over the east coast. You guys know that Pip goes with us everywhere, so I was overly elated to discover the Monaco Hotel by Kimpton, just up the street from the Inner Harbor. It's the most pet friendly hotel I have ever stayed in, they had a pet bed, dog bowls, dog treats and even a dog toy for Pip. The whole hotel was out of this world stunning, and super clean. There are no words for how grand the front entrance is, I can only show you the pictures so you see just what I mean. 

(Duster Top by: Anthropologie * Jeans by: American Eagle Outfitters * Shoes by: Toms * Handbag by: Micheal Kors)

The staircases are all marble from top to bottom, everything was created with the utmost class. I had no idea a gem like this existed downtown, and to top it all off the rooms are moderately priced. The huge chandelier and rugs, the lighting and marble all create this amazing vibe. Then up on the 2nd floor just off to the right from the front desk, they have the coziest little lounge area where they offer complimantary drinks for Happy Hour from 5-6 pm. Doesn't it remind you of something straight out of the 40's, it's just full of class.

 (Pant suite by: Anthropologie * Thong Sandals by Michael Kors * Sunglasses by Tory Burch) 

Now for the best part of all, the room and the food. We stayed in the Mediterranean sweet on the 9th floor, as you come into the door you are in the living/TV room which consists of a sofa, coffee table, and a swanky little end table and lamp, the room is full of color and character. Off to the left is the bedroom space, and let me tell you the bed was gorgeous, it has a huge statement headboard and super comfy mattress. Off to the right corner is a cute little office space, perfect for getting some work done.

Now I'll admit I don't enjoy sleeping in beds other than my own for many reasons I'm sure you are aware of, but the bed and linens where so nice, comfy and clean, that you literally wanted to lay down and settle in. I was more than pleasantly surprised, and got thee best 2 nights of rest while I was there. Plus it's within walking distance of all the places noted here in this post, it's literally in the center of everything which makes it super conveninet. Back to the room tour, next up is the bathroom, OH MY GOODNESS talk about a spectacular bathroom. 

They carried the classy theme all throughout with marble from top to bottom, a granite counter top,  and I don't know what the mirror frame was made out of, but it was so cool looking. The shower was big enough for two and included the best jet tub, which i soaked in for almost two hours. Another added point is the provided shampoo, conditioner and body wash. I have noticed that whenever I go to a hotel the provided little bottles are watered down, no good and completely ineffective. 
This is why I always make sure to pack my own, but in my haste to get everything together I left my shampoo and conditioner sitting on my bed...derp. So it was more than refreshing to see that the Monaco was on point, and wow did they all smell so good. Long story short it's less stuff I have to pack, along with the fact that their hairdryer to was great. Again less junk for me to drag with me because it's already provided. Oh I almost forgot the great view from the bathroom. Piper and I really enjoyed sitting in that window and just watching the world go bye. 

It was definitely one of my favorite things about the room, along with the room service. We ordered a big lunch to avoid going out because it was literally 100 degrees that day. We decided to stay in the hotel and enjoy all of the amenities. I ordered some pit beef sliders, a fruit and cheese plate, a salad and bowl of beef stew. Everything came hot and was more than flavorful, my favorite was the sliders. That's the thing I recommend, the bread was soft and fresh, the pit beef was tender and tasty, and they add crunchy fried onions, it was all just top of the line good.

After our bellies were full Rob laid down for a nap and I used the desk area to get some much needed blogging done, it's all set up perfectly. We stayed a total of 2 nights and I honestly can say I am really impressed, so much so that when I go to New York for Fashion Week I plan to stay with the Kimpton again. I've never felt so at home in a hotel, the staff is very welcoming and friendly to both Piper and myself. That was another plus point for me, you guys know Piper goes everywhere with us, so it's important that she be welcomed as well. All in all we had a fantastic experience and I definitely recommend The Monaco 100%. Well that's all I have for now, but no worries I'm always posting about Baltimore, and as I said new stuff is always popping up as the city is ever-changing. I am so curious where you guys would like to see me go? What city are you most curious about seeing more of, yah never know I maybe I'll go there and do some exploring. 

I hope you all enjoyed being shown around my beautiful city, I'm very eager to read your comments and hear what you think of the post!!

Have a Wonderful Weekend Everyone!!

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Sunday, June 24, 2018

How To Make Your Airport Experience that much better!

My AirPort Excursion & Discovering the Airport Sherpa App!

Hello Luvs, I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!! Now you know when I find amazing local stuff I always share it with you. I had such a great experience today with the coolest app that I found out about while I was in BWI airport. A good friend of mine is in Florida on vacation and his daughter came back 2 days sooner, so naturally I was there to pick her up. Now granted the airport is not always my favorite place to hang out, to make it even worse her flight got delayed an hour. We all had plans to go to dinner after we picked her up, so I didn’t eat anything before I came, so by this time I was absolutely starving and I wondered what I would do? While I was waiting by the security check area a woman told me about the coolest app called Airport Sherpa. With this free app you can order food from all the great spots in the airport, and they will bring it to you wherever you are, pre-security at that. So I headed to the observation deck, another awesome airport first for me and a great little spot where you can look over all the runways, sit back in a comfy chair, charge your phone, chill and in my case eat. I settled in for my hour wait and ordered myself some food, drinks, and of course a #Cinnabon.
All in all I have to say that Airport Sherpa made my airport experience pretty fantastic, I’ll forever be using this app anytime I’m at BWI, especially when I go to Greece later this year. You should grab the app for yourself, you will love the convenience it brings. Just click on the link below, depending on what operating system you have. If you have any questions at all check out their page on Instagram or Twitter @AirportSherpa
App Store:

Google Play:

Here are some yummy shots of the food Rob and I ordered, I got a turkey BLT and Rob ordered a cheesestake sub and wow did it hit the spot, not to mention the Cinnabon was gooey and hot just like it was supposed to be. The food made it to us suer fast and hot, I definitely couldn't of been more happy with the Airport Sherpa employee, she was super nice and more than helpful because it was obviously my first time using the app, which was suer easy to maneuver. Plus I also loved that I was able to order different items from different stores, that made the whole experience that much easier. I definitely recommend downloading the Airport Sherpa App and then next time you travel through BWI Airport you will be able to try it for yourself!! 

an you best believe after my belly was full that a quick shut eye while i was waiting for sure took place...hey I'm only human and I was super comfy. Y'all have a wonderful week and don't forget to follow us on social media, we have a lot of amazing giveaways coming up!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

OLD BAY Day Baby!!

This post is sponsored by McCormick, all views and experiences are 100% mine and mine alone, please enjoy the post and feel free to comment with your thoughts 

Baltimore Summers 

& OLD BAY Go Hand In Hand!!

(For more info on Old Bay Seasoning check out their website https://www.mccormick.com/old-bay)

There's nothing better than a good ole' fashion summer cookout, as long as I can remember it's just something we have always done. When I was a kid my grandfather had a boat slip off of Fort Smallwood Road, in Pasadena MD. All summer my brother Jason, and I spent the days with PaPaw down at the boatyard fishing, catching crabs, and swimming in the Chesapeake Bay. We also had all kinds of fun summer cookouts and get togethers, with family and friends, and there was always good food. I specifically remember the yummy burgers and fries, steamed crabs, soft shell crab sandwiches, chicken skewers, and much much more. Each one of these yummy dishes were flavored or seasoned with OLD BAY, it was always a staple at any summer activity where food was involved. One of my absolute faves was the OLD BAY Burger, I have a recipe that has been in our family for what seems like forever. With today being the first annual OLD BAY Day, I just had to share it with you guys, it's absolutely amazing and super easy to make. 

Make sure you follow OLD BAY Seasoning for great recipes and updates!!


1. 1.5 lbs of Ground Beef
2. 1 Small diced onion 
3. 1 Egg lightly whisked 
4. 3 Tablespoons of OLD BAY seasoning 
5. 3 Tablespoons of freshly chopped parsley
6. 1/2 Teaspoon of mustard
7. 1/2 Teaspoon of worcestershire sauce
6. Sesame seed buns 
7. For serving you will need some freshly sliced beefsteak tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, and Amercian cheese. 

1. Combine the ingredients for the patties into a bowl, do not over mix. 
2. Separate the mixture evenly into 6 patties. 
3. Get the grill heated up to high, then place the burgers on the grill and cook for 3-4 minutes on each side, until you have beautiful grill marks, or until thoroughly cooked.

Serve them on big, soft, sesame seed buns with desired toppings. I just love lettuce, tomato and mayo, it always goes amazing with that OLD BAY flavor. Have you ever had an OLD BAY Burger? Now that I think about it,  they would make fabulous sliders as well, all you would have to do is portion them into smaller sizes. I think 12 would be the perfect number, which would work perfectly as a great group appetizer. There is also a great OLD BAY seasoned jerk chicken dish, it comes smothered in fresh mango salsa, with a side of honey mustard sauce for dipping. That's another amazing recipe that i'll definitely have to get and share with you guys. Today we did attended a great little shore side event that really brought back some memories of the old days, and all those amazing tasting recipes that went with them. All day I felt like I was in a time machine, all of the boats, the sun and the salty smell of the bay. All the kids where swimming and playing on the beach, the moms where sipping fruity cocktails, and the dads where grilling and talking away. It's just that simple life that makes you feel content, I have to say it's the absolute best. 

As you can see once it was done I definitely couldn't resist the food, that's what I call real fun in the sun...lol! I've been working on a chicken cheese steak sub recipe, like the one you see above. The only difference with mine is it will be accompanied by some fresh cut, OLD BAY seasoned french fries, and they'll be the boardwalk style like you get in Ocean City, nice and thick. I haven't had fries like that in forever, so I'm really looking forward to it. Food like this just screams summer to me, especially when it's seasoned with OLD BAY! As you can see in the image below I got myself a sweet little drink to go with the burger, but usually I just order a Natty Bo because I find that beer usually goes better with a Bay Burger. I also think it would be even more amazing to stack a fried soft shell crab in between the bun and the burger itself. I'm super bummed I can't eat shellfish anymore because that idea would have for sure been made a reality. To be honest i miss the heck out of soft shell and steamed crabs, it's so weird how you can eat something your whole life than BAM one day you are just straight up allergic to it. 

To tone up the day and of course look cute and stay cool, I wore a fun little tunic top I scored from Anthropologie, and paired it with some ripped jeans from American Eagle Outfitters. Then I added my Wanted embroidered slip on sneakers. Turns out they match the top perfectly, I just love it when that happens. Especially when it's my absolute favorite pair of shoes, well second pair of them that is. I had another pair that Piper chewed all to heck, I begrudgingly bought another pair asap, I didn't want to take the chance that I wouldn't be able to get them again, so I ordered a second pair. Thank goodness they're only $50 or they would have been history. I accessorized with my Tory Burch sunnies, and my pink Apple watch band. All in all it was a great look that I'm so glad I didn't spill anything on. I say that because I spilled a burrito on a brand new white top that I wore "for the first time" to Hon Fest last weekend, needless to say I was super ticked off...lol!   

As you can see in the images above, we had a good group of people show up pier side. There was good music, good food and good company, and what's better than that? I hope your weekends where as great and you all had a wonderful Father's Day. Also if you have any good recipes please share them with me, i would love to see what you make taste great with OLD BAY seasoning, i think I may try a great grilled corn on the cob recipe as well, that sounds like it would taste good. 
Wow I have so many ideas that I would love to put in effect, I would also love to hear what you guys think of the Bay Burger, if you make them definitely comment below with your opinions. 
Enjoy the rest of your weekends and don't forget to help celebrate the first annual OLD BAY Day by entering the #OLDBAYOurWay photo contest for a chance to win an awesome summer supply of OLD BAY seasoning and swag! Just post a shot now through 7/18/18 of how you, your friends and family, use OLD BAY seasoning in your summer feasts, then add the #OLDBAYOurWay
Easy enough right? I can't wait to see your pictures, plus this should be an easy one since OLD BAY is iconic for delish summer dishes. 

Here's to the Fabulous Summer of 2018!!

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A New Restaurant!!

A New Baltimore Favorite!

About two weeks ago Rob and I discovered a great little restaurant called La Food Marketa, it's off of Green Spring not far from my house, I would say about 6-8 minutes away. The exact location is 2620 Quarry Lake Dr, Baltimore MD 21209, I'm also going to note the phone number because this place is always packed, and you definitely have to call ahead and make a reservation during the evening shift. We got there at 5pm and there were people already waiting for the doors to open, and i ish you not within 15 minutes the parking lot and ever seat in the restaurant were full.The phone number is: (410) 415-0606. What I did was make a reservation through OpenTable, it's a great little app that let's you make a reservation via your cellphone for just about any restaurant, anywhere. It's so convenient and it's also free, not to mention it will find you different types or restaurants in your immediate area. Incase you aren't familiar with the area, it's definitely come in handy for me many times over. La Food Marketa in particular is open for breakfast and lunch from 11am to 2pm, then they close for a couple hours, and re-open at 5pm to 9pm or 10pm, depending on what day of the week it is. Check out their website (La Food Marketa Website) for the exact hours of operation on what days. As you can see in the image above we started off with the chips and dip trio, it comes with queso, guacamole, and salsa, with the perfect tortilla chips, they're super thin and crispy, just how i like 'em. Rob really loved the queso cheese dip, it's one of his favorite Mexican appetizers as long as its the creamy kind. The type where they actually melt the cheese, then it gets hard and cold in like 5 minutes and turns into this thick, gooey ball and is no more good. We tend to stay away from that type, the consistency of the queso we like is more like nacho cheese.

I was super excited to find that they serve drinks, so I ordered myself a strawberry mojito to go with my chips and queso. WOW was it good!! We enjoyed the chips and dips for some time while we waited for our entrees. I ordered the Peruvian Fajitas and Rob got the Rockfish, needless to say we were both overly pleased with each dish. Mine as you can see below came with the Peruvian spiced chicken, some refried beans, rice, and a cabbage and onion mixture. Then the dish was topped with a delish and super flavorful sauce, sided with lime dip and a couple of soft warn tortillas. OMGoodness the entire dish was amazing, and the chicken was cooked to perfection, Rob said the same about his, and it's always super hard to please him where food is concerned because he is very pick. Happily he exclaimed how it was cooked just right so it was in turn very flaky. The fish itself as you can see in the picture sat atop a lovely little stew that he described as very flavorful.

(Peruvian Chicken Fajitas)


Let's just say that by the end of the meal we were both stuffed and happy as can be, I didn't even save room for desert which isn't like me. We will definitely be going back for more, as a matter of fact we have already been back once since this trip here. If you live in Maryland or DC even, it's definitely worth the trip to check out La Food Marketa, it's a great little atmosphere, and the staff is super nice, very helpful and on point. You can't ask any more from a restaurant, and to top it all off the price point is perfect. It's more than affordable, my only regret is that I didn't save room for dessert because they had some great choices. If you know of any good restaurants in the Baltimore area, or anywhere in Maryland for that matter, that you would love to see me review definitely let me know by commenting below. I'm always looking for good spots to share with everyone. You never know it may head up my next post, and I will definitely give you credit for the referral. 

Have a wonderful day and don't forget to follow Piper and I on social media!

Friday, May 11, 2018

Our Little Getaway!!

Our Staycation at Getaway House!!

Hello all it’s so good to be back with you again on this lovely Friday, I went to a really spectacular spot this past week, and I can't wait to share it with you guys. I had an amazing time little overnight trip, or clamping as they call it. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stay in a tiny house? I have, and many times over especially after I started watching that show on HGTV called Tiny House Hunters, and another one called: Going Tiny. I have seen them all hooked up and decorated in so many fantastic ways, and due to all of the unique and interesting little space saving ideas, they're full of so much character. I’m one of those people that is down to try anything new and fun, I guess I'm what you call very outgoing  Exploring something new is fun to me, so when I got my chance to spend the night in a Tiny House, best believe I took it. We went to a place called Getaway House in Stanardsville Virginia. Home to a family campground for over 2 decades, the site covers 80 acres of beautiful lush wooded landscape. They also have a location in Boston and New York. The Virginia location is about a 2.5 hour drive from my house in Randallstown MD, which is Baltimore County. I was really excited about going, Rob on the other hand wasn't so receptive. He has issues with his back which makes long drives tough for him, so as you can imagine I got a lot of complaints. As always I am the glass is half full, he is the glass is half empty, we're polar opposites on a lot of things. I guess this is why we make such a good couple, he evens me out in certain situations, and vise versa. I'm so glad to be able to say that once we arrived and he got a good look around his mind quickly changed. On the drive up we saw a lot of cool places that we made plans to hit up on the way back. It just wouldn’t be a travel post if I didn’t give you guys a taste of the immediate area. The whole property was tucked up in the woods making private and not to mention gorgeous. Each tiny house has 140 to 200 square foot of space inside and a name, yes I said each Tiny House has a name. I have to say I thought that was really interesting and quite cute, it adds a more personal experience when your cabin has a name, our's was named Cyris. 

They're also equipped with a little driveway, as well as a separate picnic area with two chairs, a fire pit, a picnic table and a waterproof container that includes everything you need to start a fire with ease, like fire starters, bonfire starters, and dry bundles of wood. This is where we set up Piper's line so she could explore the clearing and hangout by the fire with us. Yes they allow your dogs to come with you, for a small fee of $25 they can enjoy Getaway as well. You guys know i don't go anywhere without Piper, I think she had just as much a good time as Rob and I did.There’s also just enough trees, foliage and space, so that you have privacy from the other cabins, but you’re close enough that you know you’re not alone. My first impressions were oh my goodness it’s so tiny, until I walked into the door and got my first glimpse of the inside. When you walk in you come to an adorable little kitchen, where there is a double burner flat top, then a cute little stainless steel sink, along with some shelving on the right-hand side that holds plates, pans and cups. Just under the flat top is a fun red mini fridge, and off to the right is the bathroom. Yes it’s an actual bathroom with a flushing toilet and a hot shower, granted it’s tiny but everything in a tiny house is tiny. Then off to the left is a table and chair, perfect to use as a desk, to eat or to play cards. A little further to the left there is the super comfy bed, then further off to the left, next to the bed the far end wall is one big window. As you can see in the image below the window placement is perfect, that way you can lay in the bed and just look at and enjoy nature, it’s a genius idea. 

Now keep in mind these tiny houses are set back in the woods to give you a peaceful and quiet way to recharge, so no televisions are included, but there is a really nice radio. They also stock the cabinet next to the sink with all kinds of goodies, they also have a shelf of fun books to read. I spotted a S’mores kit on the table, along with a cell phone box to put your phones in until you leave. I have to say Rob and I thoroughly enjoyed the s’mores after settling in and getting unpacked.Then Rob went outside and started a fire where we sat and enjoyed the surroundings for a few hours, it was such a relaxing experience. We also took some walks through the area to get a look at all the other tiny houses.

I had no idea there were so many. I saw lots of beautiful Irises all over the property, along with trees being flowered due to the spring season. It was around 3 pm when we arrived so it’s wasn’t long before night fell. With the hectic morning and long drive I was more than exhausted, so I fell asleep quite early. I slept so soundly all night because is was so quiet, peaceful, and dark. Wow up there every star shows itself in the sky, it’s absolutely amazing. I woke up early and refreshed the next morning, ready to take on the day. We had a long drive home and some fun spots to stop at so we packed up and regretfully said goodbye to Cyris, then headed out to find a good breakfast spot. On our way out of Virginia we spotted a place called Jacks (located on Spotswood Trail in Ruckersville VA) and we stopped in to eat. I have to say it was a great find, because we really enjoyed the food and service, everyone what so friendly, along with the restaurant being nice and super clean, as I’m sure you can see in the images below. Rob had the eggs Benedict and I had the Mexican breakfast. Both meals where aesthetically pleasing and delish, I sure wish there was a Jacks in Baltimore because I would be there on the regular. 

After filling our bellies we headed out to one of two spots we noticed on the drive up. First stop was a petting zoo, you guys know I had to stop in, I took a live feed video on Instagram, I wish I could post it here for you guys to see because it was so much fun. They had little gum ball machines full of feed to give the animals such as Billy goats, llamas, ostrich like birds, beautiful colorful pheasants, huge pot belly pig’s, and even a big beautiful peacock. The animals were so sweet and ate the feed right out of your hand. If you’re ever in the area stop in and give it a go, it’s fun and free. (It’s located on S. Seminole Trail, in Madison VA). 

Then not much further down the road towards home we stopped at the Prince Michel Winery, talk about a beautiful spot and some amazing yummies. When it comes to wine I’m a sweet gal, I definitely don’t like dry. I usually go for the red, and I’m glad to say they had some amazing choices. We also checked out the vineyard which was so green and gorgeous, and the wine was amazing. As you can see below they both photographed beautifully and you know Piper had to get in on the action. After spending a couple hours tasting wines and schmying around, we got in the car and headed home. 

All in all it was a great trip, and I definitely was able to prove to myself that there are never ending fun things to do in the Maryland, DC, Virginia area. I’m going to be going out of my way to find all of those interesting and fun things to share them with you guys, so if you have any great ideas or things you’d like to see in these areas definitely let me know, you never know I may go. 
Have a wonderful weekend Dolls!!💋