Monday, May 1, 2017

Red Iphone7 or Macbook Air or $900 Paypal Cash Giveaway!!


I have partnered up with a group of Fantastic Shops & Bloggers, to gift one precious follower the prize of their choice: A Red iPhone 7, or a Macbook Air, or $900 PayPal cash 💰, the choice is yours!
To enter just go here -> (Winner's Choice Giveaway)
to my Instagram account, find the above giveaway image, and follow the three easy steps to enter. There are also many different (optional) bonus entries, such as liking three images on my profile, and then commenting with the prize you will select.
 Also by subscribing to this blog, and commenting with the word followed on the Instagram giveaway image ONLY. You can complete these (optional) extra entries on each cohost account taking part. Also please comment on one of my blog posts, and share this giveaway on Twitter or Facebook with #April30thWinnersChoiceGA. Then comment below with the site (Twitter or Facebook) that you shared on, and your site username for 3 extra entries. 
The giveaway runs 4/30/17 9pm est thru 5/3/17 at 9pm est.
If you have any questions feel free to ask away!!
Today is Noon's 12th birthday, so it's party time here at the Feldman household. I can't wait to share the pictures with you guys!!
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    1. Thanks for following hun, make sure you verify you gmail so it counts💋💋and Good Luck 🍀

  2. I have never owned anything Apple until recently. My son got an Ipad Mini and he loves it! It seems really well made and offers a lot of free apps for him to play. :)

    1. Yes Apple makes great products, I recently jumped on the Apple train myself and got an IMac, iPad and iPhone, it's the best move I've ever made. Plus Apple computers don't get viruses...I love them all